Work From Home is the new normal in today’s pandemic world. Every sector is calling for remote workers and jobs are becoming home-based. While working from home becomes very convenient for few people as they can work in their own comfort zone, whereas some people face challenges to leave the structured office setup. Learning how to work from home is very important if someone wants to be efficient and effective at the job. 

Today, CloudVandana is giving some great Work From Home tips.

Working from home provides huge flexibility to the job, but at the same time, there are many distractions and less accountability. So a person needs to build a proper plan to maintain productivity while working from home or anywhere. So a proper plan can help in enhancing the productivity in remote working. A remote worker just needs to follow a well-organized routine to touch the professional goal sitting in the comfort of home. 

1. Dress Like You Are At Work

Though remote workers are working in the comfort zone of the house, and they are not interacting with other persons all day, still they need a proper dress-up for success. Sweatpants and a t-shirt might be more comfortable as they are at home but at the same time, those outfits can make the person feel sleepy, inactive, and unmotivated. So the person should get ready to stay motivated. It is not necessary to dress in full formal attire, but a proper dress-up is very much needed.

2. Home Office Corner

While working from home, it might be very tempting to work from a couch, easy chair, or even from bed, but these places can reduce productivity. Working from a proper work corner, desk or chair can send a message to the brain that it is the time for work, not relaxation. So the sitting position helps in increasing the energy level and productivity of the work.

3. Support Of Quality Technology

While working from home, all necessary support systems should be there to increase productivity. A poor internet connection or an outdated system can be frustrating. What happens if the internet connection gets disconnected in between a meeting with a client or there is a problem with the headphone. In both cases, the person cant touch the target line only because of technical issues. This is very embarrassing and the person can miss out on a significant point of an important meeting. So the person needs to be sure about a strong wi-fi connection, an updated system, and other proper active accessories so that no task gets missed. The remote worker should do proper market research before choosing the right devices and wi-fi service providers.

4. Consistent Working Hours

A consistent working schedule should be there if someone is working from home full-time or part-time. Consistent working hours help in enhanced productivity. A person should make his own checklist to complete the tasks, within a proper time and easier for co-workers to get in touch for any task-related queries. 

5. Separate Work Time And Personal Time

One of the most important working from home tips is to keep the work-life and personal life separate as it helps to stay productive during working hours and relaxed when not at work. To maintain a better balance between work life and personal life, maintaining productivity, a person can use a planner to organize the everyday schedule. There are many planning tools available to maintain a balance between the two-phase.

6. Workflow Planning

Planning a workday is one of the most important things to keep productivity up. Priorities should be set even before starting the work for the day. A clear idea should be there about the work which will take a longer time to complete and the works that can be completed in lesser time. It might be helpful to plan the tasks according to their importance on the previous day just before bedtime. Following things should be considered during the planning.

  • The highest priority tasks should be completed first.
  • The toughest tasks should be done during the most energetic work hours.
  • Plan small breaks in between the works.
  • All the scheduled tasks should be completed within time, otherwise, more work pressure will be there the next day.

Through these ways, a person who is working from home will always stay focused and will not get distracted easily.

7. Interaction With Teammates

As all the team members are working separately at their own home setups, there is a communication gap between the teammates what they could do easily sitting in the office. Lack of communication can make the employees feel isolated and demotivated. But here virtual communication comes as a savior. Through the video conference call or telephonic conversation, teammates can share their thought and difficulties among the team members and managers. The person needs to figure out how much interaction is actually needed to feel connected. Any hesitation should not be there in connecting co-workers or managers as that could hamper the work’s productivity.

8. Social Media Should Be Avoided During Work Hours

Social media access should be avoided as much as possible as it seizes productive time as well as attention. It might be interacting with friends, commenting on some posts, or reading news and articles, social media can be highly addictive and time-consuming. So if social media is not handled properly, it can distract any person from office work or any other important work. There are few ways to prevent social media addiction during work hours. The first and foremost thing is self-control. The other option is to take the help of tools. There are few applications that show the time a person spends over each social media app. Some apps also help to set a fixed time for each social media app, and once the limited time gets over, the user gets out of that app for the next 24hrs. Thus the use of social media can be controlled.

9. Short Breaks In Between Work

Short breaks should be there in between work to give the mind relaxation and getting reenergized for the next work. Brain muscle gets drain by constantly sitting in one place for long hours. A person can take breaks at definite intervals, walk around or play with the pet or listening to soft music. It is purely scientific as the human brain needs a break to avoid exhaustion. This will maximize the production capacity along with enhancing creativity.

10. Proper Eating And Sleeping Routine

Being on a healthy diet is very essential when a person is working. A working person must eat food that helps the body function to work properly instead of draining the energy. Following food patterns can help in maintaining a good food habit.

  • Energizing meals should be added to lunch, like iron(leafy green veggies), protein(fish, meat, eggs), and complex carbohydrates(whole grains).
  • Fruits, nuts, berries, juice should be added to the diet plan to increase the energy level.
  • To avoid dehydration, lots of water intake should be added to the diet chart.

Besides good food habits, a proper sleep pattern should be maintained to deliver the best results. It keeps the brain clear and calm.

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