Types of Staff Augmentation

Hiring or utilizing outside personnel temporarily to augment an organization’s capability is called Staff Augmentation.

By using Staff Augmentation services, brands can reduce the payroll service, and project implementation costs. This kind of hiring model is very easy to implement and handle an employment contract.

Types of Staff Augmentation

There are mainly three types of Staff Augmentation.

Skill Based

When there is a need for a skilled, specialist with a specific skill set, where those skills are not critical or essential, those kinds of hiring model is known as Skill-based Staff Augmentation.


If there is no demand for a specific skill set, we go with this category known as Commodity augmentation. If the demand is for a reliable employee to perform the tasks or events which don’t need any specific skill we go with this model.


When there is a need for advanced skills, and brand design, which can be acquired only by experience or training. A specific level of skill is needed for this. When such a situation arrives Highly skilled Staff augmentation is necessary.

Staff augmentation can be divided into more categories.

  1. Traditional Staff Providers: When there is a need for temporary laborers, then there is a traditional way of augmenting staff. These kind of temporary staff are good in skill-based commodities and are the best option for non-critical projects which requires very high-level skills. This is the most preferred category since it’s very flexible.
  2. Master Vendor Staff Provider: In this category, there will be only a single vendor who runs the whole augmentation process. This is a very large-scale staffing process. This is best for highly-commoditized work requirements.
  3. Specialized/Boutique Agencies: These are smaller agencies or organizations which target highly specialized and skilled talents. It’s known for its best quality services.
  4. Gig Platforms: This category works online and provides quick access to independent workers. This category is best for task-oriented requirements for more commoditized skillsets. This model is known for its speed and flexibility.
  5. On-demand Talent Platforms: These are also online platforms that can provide highly skilled talents. This is best when we need the talent to be deployed quickly.
  6. Independent Contractors: Independent contractors are engaged directly by organizations. 

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Best Practices To Improve Cooperation In Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation helps you to choose the suitable candidates that fit the requirements. It is an outsourcing strategy to hire talented and skilled technical sources externally to overcome the lack of talents in an organization. In addition, the provider allows you to get specifically skilled candidates for your development team requirements on a long-term or short-term basis.

Best practices to improve Cooperation in Staff Augmentation model.

As the outsourcing model, staff augmentation is becoming most popular among IT industries. Therefore, it will be a best practice if we follow some guidelines for utilizing maximum benefits from this model.

  • Before hiring a developer for the team, there are some things we have to take care of. Communication skills, as well as technical knowledge, is an essential thing that should be taken into consideration while hiring.
  • Every organization will have some kind of work culture they follow. While hiring, it should be taken into consideration to select those who can work with such a work culture. The success of any project depends on communication between the local team and consulting firm.
  • A dedicated person should be assigned to contact the core business team by the management of the staff augmentation.
  • When using the Staff Augmentation model, you must have the demand to add new team members to existing teams. Staff augmentation does not mean that you can outsource entire projects. You must give space for the development process in the right direction, support, and flow.
  • If the project is growing and there is a need for vendor services, we should contact the outsourcing team as soon as possible. This will allow the recruiter from the vendor side to provide you with services at the right time.
  • When we take help from an external provider, we will have to deal with all new developers who might need a proper knowledge transfer within the projects.
  • It is essential to have a proper knowledge transfer when new hiring is done within the projects. Since we take help from the external providers for the developers, mostly they will be unique, so there should be proper knowledge about the new working environment. So creating support documentation and gathering more information on different phases of the projects can help with onboarding new employees.
  • If you hire more than one developer for your company, having a DevOps team in the same office will be good. This can increase the security and productivity when your employee is taking care of deployments etc.

There are many benefits to the staff augmentation model. The most effective way to deal with resource shortage is a short project that needs fast productivity and results with minimal cost.

Besides the benefits of this model, when it comes to long-term projects, there are some drawbacks.

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Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Managed Services

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation evolved when short-term resource constraints and budgetary pressures were necessary to address these issues. When there is a requirement for a short-term and immediate engagement, many organizations use staff augmentation to get the best skills and talents. To fill the internal resource gaps, most organizations use external sources by recruiting for the short term. Over completing that project, the external source would no longer be on the budget. But this remained a short-term solution; if this situation occurs again, the same process should be executed again. But Staff augmentation gave a long-term solution for such cases; even after completing the project, the contract will not be terminated. Since the employee will get a good understanding of the internal systems and processes of the organization, they become a valuable resource. When one project is completed, the same resource can be redeployed to any other project and continue as a contractor with the organization.

Managed Services

Like a telescope that helps to see any object from a distance with clarity, managed services help organizations make large-scale decisions that can lead them to long-term goals. The clients who use the managed services look beyond traditional outsourcing; they focus on getting long-term benefits from a solutions partner. A standard managed Service allows an organization to outsource the operations, management, and delivery process very effectively to a lower business cost.

With the help of managed services, organizations can focus on the right people and resources on the right things, saving time and money. This strategic initiative will help you increase efficiency and productivity. 

The pricing structure, based on regular monthly billing around service levels and volumes, rather than per diem fees associated with staff augmentation, ensures that costs to the business remain within the forecast. In addition, the reduced volatility in prices supports accurate and predictable budgeting.

Comparing the Models

Let us discuss some differences between these two models.

In Managed Services model, the contractor is committed to delivering an outcome at a predefined price. At the same time, the Staff Augmentation model gives input. Input refers to the performance of the resource on the activity with no commitment that the activity will provide the desired outcome. The managed services focus on value-based performance; the organization should define the requirements of services and performance based on it.

Pricing is always related to the outcome. Based on the pricing, whether the service requirement should disappear or be minimized is decided. The flexibility in the demand is always associated with the cost, which is more in the Staff augmentation model. But in the managed service model, the scalability to market is tied.

Let’s discuss the service commitment. Under the Staff Augmentation model, the service commitment is the number of hours they work. But in Managed services model, the provider is supposed to take all risks to meet the service commitment. 

Staff augmentation plays a significant role in an IT department of an organization. Even in a managed services model, staff augmentation is often utilized for selected services at specific points in time. However, when staff augmentation becomes the de facto operating model for an IT organization, it constitutes an ineffective form of outsourcing that involves high cost, low commitment, and high risk. IT departments utilizing staff augmentation in this manner should recognize that they are already “sourcing externally” and should seek to adopt an accurate managed services model to maximize value.

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation And How To Choose The Best One

Staff Augmentation is a process of team expansion. When working with very big software development or any such huge projects, there will be some issues with the development team. While in some companies there will be an expert team of developers or employees to deal with that, some may not have that kind of employee with them.

When such situations come there is a need of augmenting current staff with new professionals. Let’s discuss more on staff augmentation.


It is an outsourcing service where a company gets any professionals for a contract. To meet the aggressive project requirements many companies nowadays hire professionals with the help of staff outsourcing services. 

Staff augmentation acts like a connector or a bride between the skilled professionals and the short-time opportunities or positions available in companies. Industries like IT uses the augmentation service to get the work done by the right skilled people and on time.

Benefits of Staff augmentation

Access to a wide range of talented professionals

While in the process of permanent hiring there is a limitation in getting experts in a wide range. Staff augmentation helps the business to access a wider group of skilled professionals. This hiring process helps firms to connect with experienced professionals who can benefit the firm a lot even for a short period of time. But still, this will be less expensive than hiring a full-time staff.


The important benefit of augmentation is its cost-effectiveness. Instead of hiring a candidate from a place where the cost of living is more, which will affect the payment of employees making use of staff augmentation to reduce this cost. Apart from this, the process helps in reducing the cost of training for the new candidates recruited.

Adaptation and Expansion

Most companies want to scale up their operations to their best to make a profitable market. But there are many obstacles in front of them to make this expansion successful. Staff augmentation helps to extend dedicated employees without investing in a full-time working environment.

This outsourcing process also helps to adapt to the new fluctuating markets, by providing a project-oriented team.

Continuous Nurturing

When the firm is working with full-time employees, there is a limit on the knowledge they possess. There can be slower growth in the business. By using the staff augmentation there is an opportunity to get a variety set of professionals. This will give your operations to improve by implementing new ideas.

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Some Aspects of Marketing Cloud in Salesforce

Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform that gives a concrete view across different channels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation. Salesforce help to improve and develop your Sales team by providing Lead management, Forecasting tools, and so many other facilities from any device and merges customer data to create real-time communication. 

What is Marketing Cloud in Salesforce?

Marketing Cloud in Salesforce helps you get a more widespread and more profound Customer relationship across every touchpoint with the help of integrated marketing tools. First, let’s discuss some essential Salesforce Marketing Cloud products.

Datorama: Datorama acts as a one-stop solution for your investments, KPI,  Marketing data analysis, and decisions.

Interaction Studio: With the help of Interaction Studio, we can visualize, track, and manage real-time customer experiences. This will benefit making decisions by understanding the customer’s interest.

Advertising Studio: Using Advertising studio, we can target and streamline customers by advertising utilizing the CRM data. This allows you to target and re-engage old customers and acquire new ones.

Automation Studio: Automation Studio is a Salesforce Marketing Automation Cloud application used to enable Data Management and multi-step Marketing activities and initiatives on a triggered, immediate, or scheduled basis.

Benefits of the Marketing Cloud in Salesforce.

Application of Artificial Intelligence 

Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence technology is Einstien, which has many functionalities such as

To understand the number of messages to be sent to an individual, Engagement Frequency can be used

To predict which type of customers will interact with the messages, Engagement Scoring can be used.

Understanding the best time to send a message is essential to improve the open rate, which can be done by Send time Optimization.

Wide Integration Capabilities

In order to deliver data from multiple sources, comprehensive integration capabilities are needed. Marketing Cloud integrates with Salesforce’s Service Cloud via Marketing Cloud Connect and Sales Cloud. It supports integration with SOAP API and REST API. We can import data and start a triggered send.

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