Custom Salesforce Implementation

Custom Salesforce Implementation

At CloudVandana, we focus on implementing Salesforce technology to improve business output drastically. From consulting to deployment, our team has years of creditable experience in Custom Salesforce Implementation. We lay a lot of stress in improving your business operations and take it to the next level with Sales Cloud, Customer Portal, Service Cloud, Partner Portal, Chatter and Custom Configuration.

Our Process

The Custom Salesforce Implementation process begins with active consultancy and communication with you understand the size of the business and scope of Salesforce implementation. The research and communication phase takes few hours or few weeks. The blueprint for planned implementation is created and shown for tweaking. A prototype often accompanies the blueprint to establish the functional design of the system.
Based on prototype approval, the system is built and deployed. Some of the activities involved in the Custom Salesforce Implementation process includes:

Data Management

System Optimization


Deployment & Maintenance

The last phase is launching the Custom Salesforce CRM and provide training to the team members to continue the business operations uninterrupted. Post-deployment support consists of technical support and Salesforce administration services. We offer 24x7 client service, and available via phone or chat.
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