Data Integration with External System

A business enterprise, typically, uses many applications and not all of them are designed to integrate with each other. Integrating data with related apps helps any organisation to create a centralized system for access and operational consistency. External business data can be integrated with and Salesforce platform technologies to create cohesive information network.

At CloudVandana, we deal with

Business Logic Integration that spans across multiple application systems and data integration helps to establish complete end-to-end business process solution.
Data Integration, which is the process of integrating data layer at the core level.
Security Integration, which is deployed to authenticate data transfer and integration mechanisms across varied platforms to improve the user experience.
External data integration is performed with Salesforce Connect that extracts heterogeneous and homogenous data from sources and duplicates it in Salesforce or through middleware tools like APEX Data Loader, Actian Data Integrator and Jitterbit for complicated data integration requirements. We preferably use Salesforce Connect as a point-and-click setup system to integrate data in real-time. Without writing a single line of code, you can integrate tables from SAP® NetWeaver Gateway, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, MS SharePoint and many other data sources. Salesforce can be connected to external legacy systems seamlessly without repeating any data. At CloudVandana, we have expertise in handling the massive amount of data and integrating them with external systems without any data loss. All our external system integration outputs are completely secure and accessible via any device.
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