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Industry:  Digital Media
Location: India
Employee: 11 – 50 employees
Salesforce Cloud: Sales Cloud
OverviewProviding the latest industry news and updates for their registered subscribers


  • The client is using both QB and Salesforce but both systems are disconnected with similar data.
  • No insight on the customer invoices in salesforce which makes the business decision difficult.
  • Cross-selling products to customer become a challenge.
  • Clients need to spend hours analyzing the client information and comparing details with both the system to decide the next steps.


  • An integrated setup where both systems can interact with each other.
  • Most updated data should be available in the system without manual updates.
  • Invoice information with Line items needs to be there in Salesforce to enable cross-selling and take business decisions by agents.

Our Approach

  • We evaluated different apps/tools and come to the conclusion to use Zapier to integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks Online
  • Create Zaps so that any new customer added to QB should get created in Salesforce hence enable the most updated client database in Salesforce.
  • Any customer updates from QuickBooks should be reflected in salesforce e.g., email change, address change, or any other key information that is critical for the business.
  • All invoices with their line items from QB are synced with Salesforce by creating corresponding Opportunity and Opportunity Products through Zapier connection.
  • We created one-way sync from QB to Salesforce as the client is creating invoices from the QB system.
  • We used the Zapier starter pack as per client needs and helped them to solve their business problem.


  • A client can see the most updated customer details in salesforce that helped them to cross-sell
  • They can alert the customer/agent if the invoice is not paid or the customer has an outstanding balance.
  • Utilized Salesforce reports and dashboard to create analytics which was not possible before without the updated information in salesforce.
  • Higher ROI and Increased agent efficiency.
  • Reduced manual effort in syncing and comparing data between two systems.

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