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Our Salesforce experts help the sales team to build businesses grow easier and faster and comes with automation tools to help you sell faster to both prospects and existing customers, grow accounts, get more leads, close deals faster, accelerate productivity, and make insightful decisions with up-to-date data.

We’ll Guide You Through Your Sales Cloud Adoption.

We at CloudVandana offer core services to keeps the information about leads, customers, and sales all in one place. We always aim at making the lives of your sales reps easier and increasing the productivity of your sales department by implementing, integrating, and providing consultation for Salesforce Sales Cloud.



We’ll set up a Sales Cloud with you that can be customized with a point-and-click tool in a few minutes. And if you need sophisticated functionality to reflect your unique processes, no problem, it can be implemented with code (Apex, Lightning components, Visualforce).

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We always believe in learning and explore our knowledge with everyone, for that our certified experts are always available with online or in-personal training.

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We at CloudVandna are so dedicated to support phase involves customer success planning, customer support (including training your support agents), troubleshooting with the subscribe console, and release management.

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We are responsible to recognize the requirements and customize the platform. CloudVandana Certified Administrator best understands how to make the platform work for their company’s unique needs.

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Understand the Health of Your Business at a Glance

Our experts are always available to manage the sales activities such as customer contact management, lead management, email integration, sales collaboration, territory management, opportunity recognition file sync, and share, etc.

we help you leverage the functionality of the Sales Cloud and ensuring that it is utilized in the best way possible.

We simplify your learning process so that you can use your precious time as it takes to go from beginner to skilled Salesforce user, or simply let us handle it for you.

The true value of Salesforce CRM can only be availed of when you have the necessary expertise. Make use of different tools, platforms, and applications for improving your sales cycle and personalizing it for serving your clients better through our Sales Cloud offerings.

Sales Cloud can use the powerful CRM tool to get a complete view of sales performance. Let our Sales Cloud certified experts be a go-to resource for successfully implementing Salesforce into your sales process. We’re always here to help you discover how to simplify work to use our time in a systematic way.

Streamline Sales Operations with a Smarter Approach to Salesforce

Switching to Sales Cloud from Another Platform?

Our team manage the different opportunities generated and services by your sales reps effectively to close maximum deals. We always manage a process that how to close more deals in less time and increase the overall efficiency of your team with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

We always provide the smooth integration of Salesforce into your existing business infrastructure. We are here
to help you to migrate your accounts, automation, and workflows from your existing platform to a new Salesforce org.

In CloudVandana there is provided Salesforce online training with live projects as we always focus on training more and more Salesforce aspirants and clients to explore their knowledge in this field, We always give chances to those who are really dedicated to learn and explore new things.

The training will be provided by our Salesforce certified experts, who will help you to understand every platform

Sales Cloud Training

Find out why companies across industries choose CloudVandana as their dedicated Salesforce consulting partner.

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