Salesforce Data Migration

Is your data clean, complete and without duplication?

As a business grows, data grows, necessitating the need to manage critical sales data and business operational data. A business requires a centralized platform to store and access data by categories or departments, and this is where Salesforce plays an essential role. At CloudVandana, we offer Salesforce data migration services with which businesses can migrate and host their data in the cloud. Moving away from traditional legacy systems is crucial to handle an expanding business. Migrating data to Salesforce helps with:
  • Seamless user adoption and access to detailed business insights
  • Third-party application integration for fulfilling business requirements.
  • Streamlining business processes
  • An increase in conversion rate as time is spent in core business activity and not data management.
Salesforce data migration has challenges, and our experienced team is capable of handling even extremely complicated data. All the data migration happens without any glitches, and all the departments in the enterprise can access updated information in real-time. Data migration doesn’t impact the business operation. The migration process happens in the backend. We tackle all data loss and duplication challenges and avoid any unfriendly or inconvenient data loader tools. All the migrated data will have dedicated backup systems. Once we initiate direct communication, our representative will guide you through the complete data migration process, timeline and deployment. Each business case is unique, and we draft each activity keeping in mind the scope of work. A complete deployment blueprint is shared highlighting how the data migration activity is beneficial for the business.
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