CloudVandana Engagement Models

Here are the different Engagement Models we work with our Customers. These are the models that have worked out great with all types of customers we have been working with.

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Time and Material Model

This is the age-old engagement model where you keep on assigning requirements to our Team of Consultants and Developers and they keep on delivering those requirements to you.

Mostly you provide a Business Requirement, they themselves come with the Technical Solution and get it done. We prefer to listen to customer’s Problems, not solutions.

A customer is welcome to provide the solution, but we will push back if we think there is a better way to do it.

He/She will understand your requirements, provide technical solutions and get them done, once the requirements are done we provide an estimate to you.

A timesheet is maintained for all the requirements completed and delivered, where the team puts in the actual hours worked on the requirement by each team member.

We bill you at the end of the month for total hours. We work on a “Blended Rate” where Rate per hour x No of hours = Total Invoice

Fixed Price Model/Project Based Model

This model is the most popular team engagement structure model. This model has few other names like fixed time, fixed scope, fixed cost and fixed bid model. 

Without any obstruction, this model clearly demonstrates the project prospect. Like, through this model anyone can figure out the project timelines, the number of resources required to complete the project. This model improves the quality of the undergoing project in a great way.

The client provides the requirements to CloudVandana, our resource(s) analyzes the requirement and comes back with a fixed no of hours and a tight scope and timeline. 

Once the requirement, scope, hours, and timeline are approved, the team starts working on it.

We bill you at the end of the month/project for total hours.We work on a “Blended Rate” where Rate per hour x No of hours = Total Invoice

Extended Team Model or Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation services involve helping businesses through the virtual hiring of the right Salesforce skillset. We offer well-qualified individuals and teams to staff virtually any project of any size.

As a business expands, the number of employees increases, and there is a greater thrust on employee management, including overhead costs and other expenses.

We have introduced staff augmentation services to enable our business clients to focus on their core business function and never worry about the availability of the right team to handle projects.

Our staff becomes the right team for your business.

We offer virtual staff for short-term assignments, long-term assignments, part-time or full-time positions, and speciality staffing. The service is affordable, flexible, and adheres to professional privacy rights.

Businesses save on the cost of hiring an in-house team, without losing the efficiency of carrying out a business.

All our virtual staff is experienced, and Salesforce certified.

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