Why do you need a separate page that redirects the web visitor when they click on calls to action or any link? It is also time-consuming to create separate pages for all of your products/services. Still, why you need a landing page?

But the fact is landing pages are designed to frame a content offer in a much more targeted way than a general page, also it is an indispensable part of marketing for lead generation.

The main reason to choose a landing page, it is promotional or product-specific pages that are focused on a single goal. This goal matches the intent of the ad or email visitors clicked on to reach your page.

Here’s why landing pages are important? A few reasons you should consider.

1. Generate More Leads:

Landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads, the process starts from qualification and then moving them through your sales process and converting into new customers.   

Surveys show that by sending them to dedicated landing pages you can capture leads at a higher rate, rather than sending the traffic to your homepage. the Landing page is the simplest, and most useful way to generate more leads for your sales team.

Landing pages specially designed to get visitors exactly what they want with the least amount of friction possible. You need these to turn visitors into leads. 

2. Form on Landing Page:

Forms are the major component of almost every landing page. lots of people, asking visitors to provide a long list of information on the form. As the best practice for higher conversion, always make sure to ask for a little information.

Here you can take an example,

If you are not planning to call the prospect then no need to ask the phone number to fill-out. 

Are you planning on visiting their website? No, then you don’t need their website address.

Are you planning on qualifying them with revenue, employee numbers, or industry? No, then you don’t need any of those fields on your form. 

Data shows that with more than three fields in your form, conversion rates drop dramatically. Keep these fields to a minimum, especially if these are early buyer journey offers. 

3. Collect Prospect Demographics:

The main reason to create a landing page is that your visitors provide you the information in order to get access to that specific file or offer. By going through the landing page, visitors must fill out a form, and by having the information of leads you can contact them.

The demographics information gives you the data which helps you to understand your leads and you can target them as per their needs, and activities. By using that information your sales team has more information which helps them in conversations and improves sales.

While using the word demographics, the really meant is landing pages are excellent vehicles for qualifying leads before they even get to sales.

4. Track Activities:

Activities on the landing page are easily tracked, and it can give you the proper view like, how prospects are engaged with your landing page and what files they download. 

You can track activities on the landing page like conversion rate of the page, exit or bounces from the page, time spent by the prospect on that page, and a number of leads generated from the landing page.

Also, you can compare your landing page to each other and you can have the result of which landing page performance is better. Since every company, every industry, and every visitor is essentially different–having your own benchmarks is much more important than running a Google search and comparing your performance to general landing page performance. 

5. Testimonial Proof:

Client testimonials are the proof of your company’s services, it makes an impact on peoples, so always remember to add the testimonials on your landing page so the people are more likely to convert if they see other people like them.

Include testimonials, videos proof, picture of customers, and their names who have had a great experience with your services. That would make a great impact on the new customer.

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