The Way Pardot Helps In Marketing

Salesforce Pardot is a CRM Integration that automates B2B marketing.Pardot has an enormous range of features and tools to optimise customer satisfaction. There are few tips that will help any Marketer at the top of the automation game. Some of these features can be found in Pro and Enterprise editions of Pardot, and available in Standard for an additional cost. CloudVandana will be happy to suggest you about the features you might need to run your business or Organization successfully.

1. Dynamic Content

Dynamic and informative content can level up your website in many ways. Instead of a general web page which summarises a product or service in a common way , a marketer can display a highly personalised brochure that focuses on the prospects of the organization. This will increase the interest of the audience and the target will be successful.

2. Retargeting

An enormous benefit of using landing pages that are hosted on Pardot is the ability to insert definite logic into the Engagement Studio. If a potential customer views one of the landing pages and leaves the page in the middle of filling out or without the purchase, one can add some personalized content and exclusive offer and send them an email after a few days. Pardot has its own method of retargeting, by which an organization or a marketer can view the conversion rates and the sales.

3. Segmentation Rules

Segmentation rules give you access to a detailed list of information about user behaviour so that you can have an understanding and perceptive reports on specific audiences. Pardot helps you provide a quick report with specific criteria like the source of new customers and the time they spent on your website.

4. Simplify Onboarding and CRM Integration

You can embed forms within dynamic content which can show different forms to different prospects depending on a certain criteria.This is a temporary way of enabling A/B testing on forms if you manage the data well. One half would receive from A and the other half from B. So you can make a decision on the optimal form by comparing form submissions.

5. Scoring Categories

A company that sells multiple products or services, categories give a clear indication as to what prospect is interested in. A clear strategy for scoring categories can do anything to uplevel a brand.

6. Associate Your Assets

If you do not associate your assets to the right category, you will miss out useful insights and it could interfere with some of the automation rules. Folder needs to be changed after saving and you have to make sure everything is at home. Pardot helps you to save a lot of time when creating a new campaign.

7. Pay Attention to email Client

To know the data of the people who viewed your emails on mobile, Pardot takes a very important role. It gives us the data of the devices. With new devices like the Google Pixelbook, which is a laptop and a tablet as well as a mobile usage at an all time high, mobile responsiveness is a big deal. You have to take the devices and the browser into consideration. This way a marketer can create or promote content which is mobile specific.

8. Dependent Fields

Dependent fields make it easier to capture more information from the right person and help to keep the forms short.If a group of targeted people can be identified for publicity, a marketer can approach them if they are interested to subscribe the newsletter or can schedule a call for further steps. These things can be done using dependent fields.

9. Automation Rules

A marketer gets to know when a prospect loses interest in them but rarely knows when they might be interested again and may come back.Automation Rules can fix this error for the marketer. Automation Rules tags to pick up returning prospects by linking them with landing page views. CloudVandana makes it easy with the easy Pardot implementation which enables the right tool according to your needs.

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What Is Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a very effective tool for any kind of Organization. Staff augmentation permits a company to include staff in their teams based on the additional skill required to support their initiatives. The resources are provided by the Staff Augmentation firm.

Staff augmentation gives permission to a company to experience its competitive advantage. Staff Augmentation is important because it has lower development and operational costs. Paperwork and legal responsibilities are less compared to recruited employees. Organizations do NOT need to take a headache for the recruitment process if they can avail the facilities of staff augmentation. As a result, outputs and team size increase.

What Is The Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

Staff augmentation is different from  Project outsourcing in many ways. Both have a few pros and cons. When an organization is taking the facility of staff augmentation, they are purchasing resources related to IT while maintaining direct control over their team. But with an outsourcing process, the Organization needs to pay for a specific, prearranged outcome. They are not directly controlled by the organization.

How Staff Augmentation model can enhance your Organization

At the present time, one of the most notable trends is the considerable increase in the use of conditional workers globally. Contingent work defines itself in many working models, where staff Augmentation is the most popular. There is a broad scenario where companies purchase Staff Augmentation.

Increased Capacity When an Organization needs more resources to close a short-term project or to manage the increased production or to manage a seasonal business, staff augmentation works wonders.

Bridge to Hire  Staff augmentation works like a bridge in the hiring process for the long-term need of any Organization.

Specialized Skills  If an Organization needs some specialized skills, like technology setups, branding or logo design, facilities management, etc for a short period of time, staff augmentation works like a savior.

Another form of staff augmentation talent is freelancing, which has been for centuries, but recently got so much popularity through the rise of global freelance platforms.

Types of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation service comes in different forms. There are three basic types.

Commodity  In this type of staff augmentation, companies need human resources to fulfill or perform some task but not a proper training or skill set is required.

Skill Based Very basic skilled professionals are required to perform some task in an Organization but the level of the skills is not critical.

Highly Skilled Professionals with highly skilled and trained are required to perform. The level of skill is very important for this type of staff augmentation.

CloudVandana is one of the most renowned Staff Augmentation providers that provides customized resources depending on the task and size of the organization.

Staff Augmentation Benefit

  1. Staff augmentation offers businesses and organizations a great deal of flexibility when it comes to strengthening up or strengthening down the teams. It decreases the hassle of the recruitment process and dealing with the expenses that come with the hiring of full-time employees. These formalities are handled by a staff augmentation provider.
  2. The supplemental staff works directly with the in-house team, giving managers a direct view over how short-term hires integrate and cooperate with the existing employees. A positive side of this hiring is that the existing employees do not need to be worried about their job securities, as these resources are hired to perform on a short-term project.
  3. The staff augmentation model makes it easier to locate and integrate external resources into an internal team, as compared with an outsourcing team, which often comes along with deep-seated cultural and technological differences that can be hard to align with the goal of the company.

With staff augmentation, any organization can quickly fill in-house skill gaps with outside talent. If the process is used correctly, this model can also save money for an organization by reducing general overhead costs and the associated expenditure.

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7 Ways Salesforce Health Cloud Can Improve Patient Experience

What is Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a health IT CRM system that incorporates doctor-patient relationships and record management services. … Through Private Communities, patients can view care plans, connect with health providers, find answers to common questions and fill out forms in advance of visits to save time. The Affordable Care Act and outcome-based reimbursement policies create mandates and incentives for providers, payers, medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies to focus more on patient care and satisfaction.

Why You Need Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud enables useful triggers and workflows that make important care information available to both patients and providers on any connected device. This level of access empowers patients to take ownership of their health goals and care plans. Salesforce Health Cloud provides a complete view of the patient. Salesforce Health Cloud makes it possible for healthcare providers to  Prioritize tasks across all their patients’ needs, segment and manage patient populations.  With the ‘Today’ view you can make care decisions efficiently by browsing the customized care plan for tasks and quickly acting on them. You also can segment and manage patient populations, such as sending a message to all patients with high blood pressure to schedule regular check-ins, in a single secure and private message. And with the power of the Salesforce Platform, you can review all internal conversations that involve your patients, making care coordination and patient handoffs easier and more efficient.

7 Ways Salesforce Health Cloud Can Improve Patient Experience

Engage patients across any devices

The health cloud offers services that can engage patients across any device and create a collaboration across the entire healthcare system for enhanced health outcomes. The personalized experience provides EHR data, preferences of Patients, and treatment plans.

Build trust among the customers

The insurance plans help to build trust and lasting relationships with the members. Health Cloud offers a seamless experience that retains business in the present digital landscape. It can assure you to accomplish the best outcome for the members with personalized care, efficient authorization requests with utilization management.

Build Scalability of Streamlined Experience

Health Cloud reduces complexities. It helps to operate business innovation as well as improves the impact of the patient support system.

Integrate with Mobile Devices

One of the most important functions of Salesforce Health Cloud CRM is to combine data across devices and platforms. The integration with mobile apps is one of the key reasons for endorsing the Salesforce Health Cloud. Salesforce Health Cloud collects data from mobile devices for rendering personalized experiences. Mobile devices build faster and convenient connectivity with the patients. 

Provide improved customer feedback

Services with constant Customer feedback are the foundation of any health care app. It becomes imperative to better understand the clients for improved services. Healthcare providers can build a trusted relationship by providing solutions to customers’ feedback and requirements.

Tackle Healthcare emergencies

Salesforce Health Cloud provides remote services, so it is convenient to monitor patient’s health conditions with real-time monitoring. This system sends alerts to healthcare professionals to quickly reach the place in case of an emergency.

Improve Patient engagement

Salesforce Health Cloud offers comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare solutions. It leads the minute details of the healthcare services with real-notifications of healthcare issues. This results in an optimized patient consequence.CloudVandana has helped healthcare providers in a great way. The healthcare system must operate higher patient engagement with advanced technologies.

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Client Relationships are the heart of a business. As per the client relationship definition, “ Client relations are the relationships that a business has with its clients and the way in which it treats them”. It is a strategy to manage the organization’s relationship and interaction with customers and potential customers.

Understanding your client’s expectations from the very beginning puts you in a better position to fulfill their requirements than working based on your own conception. Marketing should be joyful. When identifying your ideal client, you have to consider a few things.

Friendly Behaviour

If you consider your client like one of your good friends, it will be easier for you to connect with them. You will be able to understand their needs in a better way. You have to understand that your readiness and your client’s readiness are not the same. So you have to act according to your client’s comfort level. You can suggest some exciting activities which they can do to make the most of their weekends. Soon you will be able to turn your clients into friends in a meaningful way.

Respect the Client’s time

You have to respect your client’s time schedule. Time is one of the most important resources that you and your client have.The relationship can be affected if a person does not keep up with the time of their clients. So you have to be comfortable while talking up to your client regarding appointments. In case you are planning to meet up, do not make them wait and better decide a comfortable time which is okay for both. Show up on time and get straight to business. Always be respectful to your clients. This will determine the rest of the relationship.

Work like a Dreamcatcher

When you are interacting with your client, try to insert and intake only good things like a Dreamcatcher does. Some negative perspectives might be there but you have to move towards your goal just ignoring them. You should let your client know about each and every phase of your project. So that they will be able to understand where they are investing and how you are going to be working. Thus a transparent perspective will be built.

Treat Clients as Individuals

Many times we treat the clients as a group when they need to be treated as individuals. All clients are unique so we can expect that their requirements also should be different from each other. So a salesperson has to provide individual solutions and advice to each client. Personalized communication with the right term will work better. Using a segmented strategy and a relevant solution will assure your bonding with your client and this will help you to get them back in the future. At Cloudvandana, we have customized and segmented solutions for each of our existing and potential clients. Their satisfaction is our motivation.

Make your own checklist

Self-assessment and updating are very important to grow the business you are dealing with. So give yourself a target and maintain your own checklist.


A proper mode of communication should be there to understand the requirements of your clients. Sometimes, e-mail communication can help you learn about your client’s expectations. However, most of the time, a phone call is the most effective way of communication to get to know the other person and if face-to-face client support is needed, video conferencing is a great option. You have to remember that Sales is a conversation, not a presentation. So every time a proper two-way communication should be there.

One of the best ways to communicate with your clients is through social media. You have to build a consistent presence there. Make sure to humanize your brand and showcase your personality. Respond quickly to create a better user experience.

Not Only social presence, but offline interaction is also important. A unique handwritten message over a gift or a congratulatory message works wonders.

Dream of it

You have to convert your task into your dream. Then only the business development process will be accomplished towards success.

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Why do you need a Salesforce consulting partner?

Salesforce itself is an amazing solution, the technology alone can take you to your desired destination. The right Salesforce Consulting partner can help you streamline the implementation and other related services and add value to your investment.

There is no shortcut for your Salesforce Implementation. It is one of the biggest investments you will make to get all the features of your business into a single platform, so any mistakes can be costly. So you have to be very careful when selecting the right Salesforce partner for your business. It is the implementation that will make or break your ROI. So it is a high-risk, high reward situation. That is why the return of your investment should always be top of the mind. The value that the right Salesforce partner can add to your technology investment is immeasurable.

Here are some reasons

1. Salesforce is Customizable for different sectors.

Every company is unique, so the advantage of Salesforce CRM is it is customizable for each and every company. So before selecting the  Salesforce partner, one needs to take a consultation call with a reputed Salesforce Consulting partner and should know what should be the best option for that specific company. Though you know your company the best, you might not be aware of the Salesforce best practices which will suit your company the best. A Salesforce partner helps you to find and configure the right solution for your organization. When you want to migrate your existing processes, that should be a great time to update them. You need experienced eyes to question you if your existing processes are most efficient or some improvement should be there.CloudVandana Solutions is one of the best Salesforce Partners and has many consultants to guide you and analyze your business process so that you can achieve your targeted goal. CloudVandana just does not implement and customize Salesforce in your business but unlocks unlimited possibilities to touch your dream.

2. Better rating in adoption

Companies might want to start the smallest implementation with limited features that will help you without creating a larger system immediately. It is a safe and conservative approach for considerably small companies. But if any company needs a broad implementation, that will need a longer time, longer time to learn and that should be a challenge if you are not familiar with the process. Fortunately, the team CloudVandana is ready to help you implement a perfect system that will meet your functional requirements in a way that brings everything in a single platform.

Salesforce partners like CloudVandana are experts at understanding how it can fit your unique business needs, both now and in the future. When the implementation will make the job of employees easier, they will be more interested in using Salesforce. A good Salesforce partner provides proper system training and ongoing support so that the system becomes more user-friendly. CloudVandana will help the employees by showing them how to use the system, how the implementation will make their job easier, and help them to reach their target sooner.

3. Get it right the first time.

Time is considered as money. That is why a CRM Solution should stand in the 1st place for any of the companies. The fact is that the more time you will take to complete any task, the more money you might lose. If you choose the wrong Salesforce partner, you may exceed the budget you set in the initial stage. The reasons behind this are, you might be losing some really important opportunities if your implementation needs to fix errors several times. Add a little more initial Salesforce implementation budget and call a reputed Registered Salesforce partner like CloudVandana Solutions and avoid costly mistakes and error fixing right from the beginning.

4. Let your employees do what they do best

Whatever their roles, your team members are the experts at what they do in their own field. Let them focus on their own tasks, while you can continue to expand your business. Allow your Salesforce Partner and their team of dedicated experts to run the successful implementation, rather than part-time people to look after. If you don’t have collaboration with any of the Salesforce partners, you may have to face many friction points where the outcome will be delayed. CloudVandana Solutions works hard to implement, migrate the data, the customization and give you a ready-to-use system for all your business needs.

5. Keep you updated with Salesforce changes

Generally, Salesforce releases three updates a year, offering innovative solutions and new ideas. It is hard for you to be updated every time and be on the top of the list if you try to manage everything on your own. But this is what your Salesforce partners can do for you. They work like a doctor to your system and keep on updating according to your needs. They are very much familiar with Salesforce AppExchange and can help you to choose the right and customizable app to enhance your business. Instead of this, they can also help you by avoiding unnecessary app purchases or costly customizations, they can inform you about the upcoming release that includes only the features which are necessary to enhance your business or organization.

Team CloudVandana can help you get your Salesforce instance up and running faster., more efficiently, and set you on the right path to success.

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How to Level Up Your B2B Commerce Solution With Salesforce

It is known to most people that Salesforce B2C Commerce is used in large numbers of areas of eCommerce mainly in the retail industry, there is another popular eCommerce platform B2C for its incredible demands and services. Salesforce B2B commerce helps organizations to maintain business in large volume purchases or transactions from other businesses online. B2B commerce customers are generally provided easy online access so that they can proceed with the purchase on their own to run their business. By leveling up B2B Commerce is much more than just getting products or easy purchase options to existing customers. The quick access operations engage more and more customers and ensure their coming back options.

Think beyond order fulfillment

Lots of effort is needed for B2B Companies in the technicalities for online orders. By now, most of the companies do not face any supply chain issues of getting the orders to their buyers and now have more time to focus on other investments. A B2B commerce pro who has checked off the fundamentals can focus on streamlining the website and user interface for maximum ROI.

Reach new customers and use eCommerce strategically

For B2B companies, supply chains are like a backbone to them. Other options are there for eCommerce to grow in a great way. B2B companies can transfer orders to their online platforms, which will definitely meet buyer expectations and sales teams will be free for much more important tasks to be finished. B2B buyers now find it helpful to speak to a salesperson when they are researching a new product or service. But few percent of customers want to speak to sales when repurchasing the same product or service.B2B companies allow buyers to buy online, in a simple way, so it becomes easier for buyers and they are provided a better experience. The most important thing is that when customers handle these self-service processes, companies can concentrate on other important things. For example, an apparel manufacturer needs to focus on larger, international retailers that will bring a major revenue to them. But small local stores also want their products. By selling online, these smaller stores can order themselves, and the manufacturer’s sales teams can focus on their target to grow their business outside of the country. 

B2B companies can leverage digital channels to expand into new markets. Forty percent of B2B decision-makers support using eCommerce to expand their business. Salesforce makes it easier by bringing all those processes into one platform. Companies can manage every kind of data related to their business sitting in any corner of the world. Salesforce brings companies and customers together.

Get more from your data

Proper understanding of customer data helps companies track progress on goals. The numbers of companies are increasing, who use data to target customers more effectively. 

Another success metric for any site is Time. Unlike in B2C commerce, where the more time a shopper spends on-site the better result comes, B2B buyers are often looking for efficiency. They may be reordering a common order and hope to do it quickly. So the increasing customer engagement on site could be a sign of an efficient buying experience.  Data also enables personalized experiences at a scale that delight customers. Personalized data could include weather or typical time to buy. For example, if a customer usually reorders on the first day of every month and is late, a note to remind them to reorder can be helpful.

Leveling up B2B commerce is so much more than getting products to existing customers. If a company saves you time, you’ll go back again and again. Salesforce is the only platform that makes it easier for companies as well as customers to experience such a  smooth journey. 

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