Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI module that drives accurate lead scoring and more powerful pipeline management for Sales Cloud. The platform analyzes the data and gives the proper insight to win deals. Based on the sales data, Einstein highlights the top leads and suggests actions to close more deals.

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the Sales Cloud Einstein for better scaling the organizations. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Einstein lets the users know what is coming next or what action affected the matter in the past for an unsuccessful deal. To employ Einstein, users need to hold huge amounts of data to learn from. The platform helps users by analyzing all the actions taken to improve its capabilities constantly to offer users correct analysis. Einstein assists the workforce to perform most efficiently within all Salesforce Clouds.

Salesforce Einstein for Salesforce Sales Cloud helps in blazing the trails to attain enhanced sales revenues.  Let’s look at the features of Einstein for Sales Cloud.

Lead Scoring

With the help of Einstein’s lead scoring, users can handle the best leads. Depending on past deals, Einstein prioritizes the leads automatically that can be converted easily. 

Einstein Opportunity Insights

Einstein Opportunity insights help to know the probability of the closure of the deals, explore competitor involvement, and to know the complete prospect engagement. 

Einstein Activity Capture

This feature helps the sales representatives to save time by linking the calendar and email to Salesforce. So all related emails and meetings can be stuck to the right Salesforce record. 

After discussing the effective features, let’s have a look at the benefits of this platform –


Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Analytics is a predictive analysis tool that helps organizations worldwide to scale their organizations better. 

1. Collaborative Selling

If representatives can analyze the data about past deals, they can know if the opportunity matches or exceeds a quota deal size. The platform helps them to compare and contrast opportunities in real-time, sharing insights on which deals are most likely to close. 

2. Insight Into Customer Pain Points

Through this platform, organizations can predict the behavior and actions of their customers. This insight can even help in forecasting the number of contacts required for cross-selling efforts. 

3. Email Alerts

With Einstein, Email Insights representatives can receive customized reminders based on their priorities. So the process saves time. The feature also tracks the pipeline activity to save time while researching deals. 

4. More Sales Meetings

Sales Cloud Einstein tracks the research required for each opportunity during the pipeline stage. So representatives can spend less time researching sales data and set more client meetings. So they become able to close deals faster.

5. Sales Performance 

With the help of Sales intelligence, chances are high to top deals by revenue, reward high performers, and train the underperformers. The features create a culture of competition within organizations. The representatives can also use dashboards for sales reports and forecasting tools to view the data they need to measure success easily. 

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Resource augmentation or staff augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy. The resource augmentation model hires tech talent globally from a third party on a contract basis for specific business needs or project requirements. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss resource augmentation and its five key benefits. 

Businesses across the globe are trying hard to meet high-tech client requirements to maintain long-term relationships and provide them with a seamless experience. Resource augmentation is an excellent way and new approach to enhancing this service. 

Resource Augmentation

With the help of correct strategy resource augmentation, organizations can stay ahead with the expanding online competition. The knowledge and expertise of augmented resources help organizations overcome major challenges and make the deployment process faster. 

Companies that use this outsourcing process generally hire IT talent from a third party on a contractual basis based on the project requirements. Augmented resources efficiently fulfill the project requirements for organizations of every size. Through this process, companies can hire the right talent immediately without any work gap. They just need to make a contract with a reputed Augmentation firm like CloudVandana, and they will handle the rest part without any hassle. 

The newly hired team generally works remotely, but they can work in the preferred timezone of their clients without any geographical barrier. So organizations do not need to go through a lengthy hiring process. So, both time and cost can be saved. 

Framework For Resource Augmentation

Before going for resource augmentation, organizations should determine the business needs, determine the number of employees needed to complete the project, and the expertise required for successful completion. It is required to letting the new team members know about the culture and work process of the organization to get a better result. Consistent encouragement and nurturing are required to motivate newly hired team members. 


1. Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-effectiveness is an essential factor in choosing this augmentation model. The traditional process includes various costs like hiring, training, operations, salary, benefits, etc. These costs can’t be reduced even when there are no active projects. But with this hiring model, organizations need to pay for the services they are getting. 

2. Enhanced Flexibility And Scalability

The model provides enhanced flexibility and scalability. Through this model, organizations can bid on projects of different sizes, sectors, and types. The flexibility and adaptability that the companies get from resource augmentation can help them expand their service network. Organizations can remove or add resources based on their project requirement, which helps them to scale their business better. 

3. Quality Talent

Finding the right and experienced talent is a time-consuming process. Augmentation service providers have better access to a global talent pool, so they can help organizations with the global talent pool of resources. 

4. Better Control Over The Team

Companies can easily control extended team members. They can easily track the pace and quality of every stage whenever required.  

5. Resources On-Demand

Organizations can hire skilled resources best suited for their business. They do not need to spend long hours searching for the right candidates. They can hire the resources at any time, whenever required, for better productivity and maintain the skill gap that the in-house team members can’t perform. 

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ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor. Salesforce ISV is a company that builds application-specific software to function on a platform. ISV partnership is a way companies sell their applications to customers through the AppExchange Platform. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss five effective success tips for ISV partners. 

Salesforce is considered the #1 CRM solution across the world. The platform has grown from a small startup in 1999 to a significant CRM service provider in the SaaS industry. 

Salesforce ISV

ISV is a partner organization that built a Salesforce platform product available on the AppExchange. ISVs primarily focus on developing bundled applications that can be integrated into the Salesforce company after being downloaded from AppExchange. As a result, customers receive updates and functionality for specific business needs. 

The Salesforce Economy includes Consulting partners, ISV partners, and third-party providers. It is a very effective solution for firms to introduce their products and services to clients. 

Effective Success Tips For ISVs

1. Finding A Suitable Business Model

Organizations must choose the best business model determined by the program’s type of management. Some applications may require monthly updates and experience or offer an unusual move up to the client’s Salesforce framework. If businesses are likely to gain more significant benefits, then granting licenses based on the number of users is a good idea. 

2. Track The Scoreboard

It is essential to keep a track record of the partner scorecard. This can be accessed under the Manage tab in the partner local area and represents the ISV standing. The factors include- The rate of determination, client feedback, identification of Trailheads, development for total revenue, etc. Organizations should understand the points to improve their position as effective ISV. 

CV Files: File Management Solution &
Salesforce-Google Drive Connector

3. Clear Idea About The Goal

A clear idea about the products and their functionalities is required while creating an application. The product should be cost-effective so that most people can access it. The product should simplify the pain points of the clients and deliver the best solution. 

4. Test Run

It is recommended to evaluate a solution before implementing it in the production environment. Most AppExchange applications have the ‘try a demo’ option so that users can experience the product before purchasing it. Though it totally depends on the application provider, so the users may not be able to try the application. 

5. Security Check

To authenticate the application’s security, users should review the security review requirements, ensuring that the application meets the AppExchange security requirements. The app should pass the required security review criteria. 

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Salesforce is considered the #1 CRM solution provider worldwide. It is an effective business platform that provides various Salesforce tools and solutions based on the customers’ requirements. The platform helps to connect with customers, increase employee productivity, and push forward the digital journey of the organization. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the essential Salesforce Clouds for a seamless digital transformation. The digital transformation journey has various stages and objectives, but the primary objective will be bringing customers closer to the organization. 

The Salesforce platform allows for maintaining the relationship with customers for better productivity. Salesforce comes with data trust and security measures so that digital computing remains seamless. 

Salesforce Clouds

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud helps companies to close deals faster through deep account, contact, and opportunity management. The platform helps the users to manage lead generation through campaigns and channels, so the progress can be seen by the management and other team members anytime, anywhere. 

Salesforce Service Cloud

The customer service team must respond with speed and in the way your customers are requesting help. Salesforce Cloud enables service teams to work faster and support customers while delivering trust and efficient service. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Cloud provides a world-class digital marketing platform where users can unify the data content, personalize messages on every channel and engage with customers at every stage. Organizations are continuously managing their brands across tangible products, marketplace identity, and association with social issues. It helps to remain agile and pivot the supporting marketing efforts to their highest. 

Financial Service Cloud

Salesforce financial service cloud supports banking, mortgage, wealth management, and insurance companies to build trusted relationships with their clients. By merging the customer experience across channels, organizations can increase productivity and strengthen customer relationships. Organizations can use this platform to manage various financial tasks. 

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a health IT CRM system that strengthens doctor-patient relationships and records management services. The platform supports one-to-one relationship management through a patient profile that integrates information from various data sources, including electronic medical records, medical devices, etc. Through private communities, patients and their families can view care plans, connect with the providers anytime for any queries, and access various other medical facilities in no time. So a high-quality medical service can be provided seamlessly. 

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Microsoft Dynamics is a series of business applications that contain enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management. In the present digital world, organizations are looking for innovative business management tools to boost their operations and enhance productivity.  

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics to boost business worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integrated cloud suite that integrates cutting-edge ERP and CRM capabilities with numerous apps and add-ons to enhance business growth. The platform combines all important functions on a single platform-sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and many areas. This solution is continuously helping thousands of businesses to enhance their sales, customer service, and operations. 

Let’s discuss the essential features and benefits of this platform.

Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365

1. Easy Customization

The platform helps organizations to build a tailored solution that fits the budget, team size, and business objectives. Organizations can select their preferred modules, plugins, and extensions for better customization based on their requirements. The additional customization tools can be added anytime better to define additional fields and objects in the system. The solution is optimized for online and offline and well-optimized for every device. 

2. Easy Integration

The platform can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products, including Office 365 suite. The integration feature helps in quick switching for better communication. Power BI helps in Analytics and SharePoint for documentation and team collaboration. So, productivity and business outcome increase. 

3. Power Of Analytics

The platform allows users to experience the power of advanced analytics through Power BI and various other tools. Businesses can enable smarter decision-making by combining intelligence into day-to-day activities. So employees of every level function can experience visibility into real-time data and insights for accurate predictions, identifying strengths and weaknesses, etc. 

4. Enhanced Customer Service

The platform brings considerable data to each customer on a single platform. This may include information taken from websites, databases, surveys, and various other campaigns and brands they interact with. In addition, the platform can analyze qualitative data points, such as customer buying patterns and brand loyalty, to generate various insights. This information about the prospects and customers helps sales representatives to provide a more personalized and customized service to the customer.

5. Automation For Better Productivity

The platform can also automate various repetitive organizational tasks that generally take a lot of time. Through this platform, users can set up triggers for email alerts, can create rules for daily work processes, and establish criteria for lead qualification. 

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In the present digital world, organizations worldwide are selecting outsourcing processes and opting for outsourcing Indian developers for better productivity and efficiency. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss key reasons for outsourcing Indian developers. 

Outsourcing Indian Developers

It is a business practice where an organization hires a third-party firm to perform tasks and handle various other organizational works for better productivity and efficiency. Companies often outsource information technology services, programming, application development, technical support, etc. 

Outsourcing is about managing relationships more efficiently as it is a partnership, not purchasing a product. Companies need to know when to go for an outsourcing agency so that any skill gap can be avoided. 

Let’s dive into the details to know the benefits of hiring Indian Developers.

1. Efficient Talent Pool

The availability of a considerable talent pool of skilled professionals is one of the popular reasons businesses want to outsource to Indian service providers. India is one of the largest IT hubs of software developers. The developers are well-trained and very efficient in achieving the business goals. The easy availability of dedicated offshore developers keeps India ahead of the competition. Virtual teams have a high capability to adopt new technologies to create better solutions. Indian developers work on the latest technologies and advanced solutions, which keeps them updated with the latest trends. 

2. High-Quality Services

Software developers in India have access to advanced technology, software, and infrastructure. So they can use these tools to overcome any challenges. The Capability Maturing Model (CMM) can assess the capability of an organization’s process for project implementation. The International Standard Organization(ISO 9000) maintains quality in design, development, and production. There are various other standard and certification that ensures the quality of the services. So, high-quality services can be achieved. 

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-effectiveness is one of the important reasons why businesses across countries prefer software outsourcing to India. The costs are significantly lower compared to the salary of developers in western countries. So, hiring Indian software developers can save a huge amount of operational expenses, increasing the company’s profit. 

4. Proper Communication

Communication is one of the important factors when hiring remote developers. Indian developers are flexible to work on the preferred shift of their clients. So, organizations can communicate with remote time whenever required. 

5. Enhanced Business Growth

Outsourcing to India lets the organizations manage their core business process as the outsourced team manages the project liabilities. So they can experience continuous business growth in their organization while maintaining the on-time deployment process. 

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