As 3.5 billion people use the internet every day, you can take this as a good example that having a website is necessary for lead generation.

But the question begins with…..

Is your website well optimized for Lead generation? 

We as Marketing Automation Experts think a website is one of the best channels which can help you to generate leads. You also need to ensure the quality of leads.

A website should be customer-friendly that will show the customer a path to purchase.

Follow these tricks to make sure your website is optimized for Lead Generation

  1. Lead Generation Forms:

A form is the best way to collect the information about your prospects which can be converted as a lead in the future so keep this in mind that fewer fields on your form can give you higher conversion rates.

Now you worried about if you put fewer fields on forms than how you can get more information about prospects. No worries here to your rescue Pardot provides you the Progressive Profile that can help you to fetch more and more information about your prospects over time.

Pardot Progressive Profiling can give you the conditional functionality to display fields on the form for prospects based on the completion of their previous fields on the form.

Let’s take an example when the prospect fills up your form for the first time the prospect will see these fields on the form.

And after the conversion, if the prospect visits again then the prospect will see these fields on the form.

  1. Website Integration With Pardot:

As a B2B marketer, you should integrate your website with Pardot so over time you can track visitor and prospect activities on your website.

By tracking you can have the perfect picture of your prospect’s interest in your products and services. So you can start nurturing your prospects as per their activities on your website.

Pardot gives you the functionality to integrate your website by putting a simple piece of tracking code into your website.

Pardot Campaign provides you the tracking code which you have to paste into your website’s body.

Where would you find the Pardot Campaign?

In Pardot, Go to the Marketing|Campaign

  • Search the default Website Integration Campaign.
  • Click on the View tracking Code tabs.
  • Copy and paste this code before the close body tag on your website HTML code.

Note: Website form should be connected to the Pardot, also paste the tracking code into all pages of your website.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly:

As discussed before 3.5 Billion people use the internet, and most users are opening the websites on their mobile. So it is necessary your website should be Mobile friendly. Mobile views always count for a respectable portion of your traffic and knowing how to choose a technology stack will make it easier for your website to work on mobile devices.

A good Web Developer can develop your site to make it more compatible with all of the major mobile devices and operating systems to give it the greatest visibility. It would be difficult to fill out forms if they are not customized for smaller screens.

Having a responsive website design will allow your web pages to work reliably outside of a computer so that videos play well, the text reads easily, and links work without breaking down.

  1. Add a Chatbox

As the visitor is interested in the fast response from the website team, a chatbot can be the savier for you. It also enhances your entire website by giving visitors a unique opportunity to get any type of help that they might need.

Chatbots can be used to provide vital information and also to get a visitor’s contact information for you to reach out to them later.

  1. Making a well designed Nurturing Program:

A website can give you lots of leads but how can you be sure whether they are interested in your products/services. No Worries Pardot is here to the rescue, Pardot Lead nurturing process can help you to find out the qualified lead which is really interested in your products/services.

The Pardot Lead Nurturing Process creates a relationship between your products/services and your prospects. It will help give you a proper idea of whether the prospect is interested in your product or not.

Pardot engagement studio helps you to create a customer journey and find out the leads which are actually interested in your products/services.

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