The coronavirus epidemic is more significant than anyone thought of only a few months ago. Companies have been affected, while remote-working has become the norm every day. The abrupt change has pushed the majority of people outside the comfort zone they have been in, especially those who have never had remote collaboration or virtual communication tools. The same is valid for employees, too, since they’re struggling with their productivity and technical issues working at home. 

Along with team coordination, communicating with clients is the most challenging thing for companies during the lockdown. Cloud telephony is if there’s a technology that can solve all of these issues. Although global companies have been using this technology for quite a while, it is an unfamiliar concept for some.

Because of this, it is crucial to know what cloud telephony is and how it could bring immense benefits to your company both now and shortly. Let’s discuss the advantages of cloud telephony as the perfect solution for businesses in times of lockdown.

The risks of COVID 19-induced remote working

Before you can even begin to comprehend how a cloud phone system to understand how cloud telephony software can be the foundation of your company’s communications, it is essential to comprehend the challenges in the present situation. The most obvious one currently is the forced transition to COVID-induced remote working. Although this change is crucial to surviving, you can’t ignore the potential pitfalls your clients and team members are likely to confront due to this change. The main disadvantages of the new model are:

  • Insufficient communication between the teams and also with your customers and clients across various areas
  • Problems with handling business calls while employees aren’t in the office
  • The challenges in identifying leads for business make it challenging to grow in the current scenario.
  • Accessibility issues can cause delays in the management of teams remotely.

Being aware of your problems is part of getting your company back on track after the event of a crisis. You can count on an option to overcome these problems and streamline communication to improve. In essence, cloud telephony services provide a range of options that can address all of these issues efficiently. Let us discuss how they will help get your company to a better place during the COVID-19 timeframe.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions Keep your communications running

Cloud telephony technology has you fully covered when it comes to business continuity and communication-related concerns. It is possible to rely on cloud-based solutions for contact centers to create a reliable communications network that connects remote workers without the expense of infrastructural investments. 

Additionally, the system comes with an analytics dashboard that lets you track the performance of your staff remotely. Better inbound and outbound communication lets you provide seamless service to your clients during a crisis, improving your standing.

VIN and IVR Handle every business phone seamlessly

When your company’s telecommuting team is having trouble handling business demands, then a cloud-based phone system with virtual and IVR numbers is what they require. With an IVR installed, it is possible to optimize your campaigns and track customer calls in real-time. It also gives you access to call recordings that are used to analyze the quality of interactions with customers and the performance of team members in their communications via a remote basis. 

Virtual numbers allow you to redirect business calls to a personal number, ensuring that geographical location does not have to be an obstacle to connecting. Virtual numbers allow agents to be accessible to all customers regardless of when they call or where they are calling from. In addition, you can enhance the experience for customers by incorporating advanced features, such as automated local voice. These options will go a long way in retaining customers during these difficult times.

Toll-free number- Always accessible for assistance

In addition to sales, companies, NGOs, and government agencies go the extra mile to assist customers and the public. It can be done through relief efforts or simply educating people about social distancing and other methods to combat the illness. 

Toll-free numbers are a different aspect of cloud telephony services that play an essential role. The most significant benefit of these numbers is that users can connect at no cost. Additionally, you can use these numbers for public outreach in charitable and commercial initiatives. You can also use an existing number and stop using it after the campaign is completed.

Missed call service Be available for every call and customer.

If employees are working at home, they could be stressed due to the abrupt change in their working schedule. There are instances that they might not be able to answer calls due to stress or IT problems. 

A missed call solution is a great way to lower the chance of not being available to the customers you serve. It allows you to monitor and contact people who have been not available. Employees receive notifications about missed calls in real-time so that there is no chance of missing leads. 

In addition to the benefits currently offered, they can also utilize to build a solid database that you can utilize in the future, even after the pandemic has gone.

CRM Integration – Serve the customers you serve better

While it is essential to remain connected to your customers at the moment, providing them with better service during a crisis could improve long-term relationships and increase the credibility of your business. 

Cloud telephony solutions can integrate into the CRM system to aid in helping your agents serve your customers better. It helps you streamline the process of managing leads that has a positive impact on the productivity and sales of your team too. Sales can assist your company to endure and navigating the current situation without suffering huge losses. 

In addition, you’ll be able to increase your sales in the present situation since the system can discover and procure good leads even when you have an operating remotely.


If you are aware of how cloud telephony technology could assist your business during COVID 19’s crisis COVID 19 crises and beyond, you should not put off getting the solution in place. If you are a business that offers products or services, or an educational institution or a healthcare institution, a holistic cloud solution will bring enormous advantages in the current situation. It gives you the flexibility your business needs to adapt to the model of working from home effortlessly. 

In addition, it allows you to provide top-quality services to your customers. The selection of the provider can be the key to the benefits you will reap. Therefore, it would be best to look for a reliable service provider that provides all of your needs with top-quality uptime, reliability, and service.

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