Do you want to track the links that you have shared on social media or any third party website? No worries, Pardot can give you the functionality to track each and every link that you have shared no matter if the link is on your website or any other third party website.

Custom Redirects in Pardot

Pardot gives you the Custom Redirects option which can help you to track your link even if they are not on your websites, For example, newsletter links on Social Media.

The benefits of using the Custom redirects are:

  • You can set a completion action on the links when the prospect is associated with them.
  • Helpful in tracking the Banner Ads clicks.
  • Tracking the links on Social Media.
  • All link clicks will be tracked as an activity on a prospect record.

Some Consideration while using the Custom redirects:

  • If a prospect clicks on the Custom Redirects, that will be added in prospect activity after 30 minutes.
  • Completion actions on the Custom Redirects will work only for prospects. If a visitor clicks on the link and becomes a prospect later, in that case the links activity will not show up on the prospect activity tab.
  • Custom Redirects will work continuously even if they are archived in Pardot.

How to Create a Custom Redirects

  • Navigate to Marketing | Content | Custom Redirects.
  • Click +Add Custom Redirect.
  • Enter the Name. That name will appear in prospect activity and reporting.
  • Choose a Campaign
  • Enter the valid URL of the page, which you want to track after click.
  • (Optional) Add Google Analytics parameters. 
  • Add completion actions as per your needs. 
  • When finished, click Create Custom Redirect.

Here you can check the Screen Prompt of the Custom Redirects.

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