The best practice to increase the open rates of your email is to run a Permission Pass campaign on all prospects. At Least once per 6 months, you should send a Permission Pass email to your existing prospects to ask their permission to continue with your email marketing. It helps you to create a strong relationship with your existing prospects and obviously, it helps you to increase your email open rates in Pardot.

What is the Permission Pass campaign:

A Permission Pass campaign is a one-time email that you send to your prospects to ask their permission for future email marketing campaigns.

Note. Never use this on a purchased list.

Benefits of using Permission Pass on prospects In Pardot:

  • Save you from reaching the Spam folder: Means, when many prospects are not opening your emails, the chances of your email ending up in the Spam folder will increase.
  • Help you to Increase your Email Open Rates: it helps you find prospects that are really interested in your emails, and filter out inactive prospects after performing a Permission Pass campaign on them.
  • Increase your relationship with your prospects: when you find out the actual prospect that is really interested in your email then you can start building a relationship with your prospects.

 Use Custom Redirects for a Permission Pass Campaign

You can create a simple Thank You Landing Page for prospects, and after that create a Custom Redirect with the link of Landing Page, and send that Custom Redirect link into the Email for your recipients after that take an action on that prospect which clicks on that link.

Follow these steps :

  1. Create a Thank You Landing Page.
thank-you-landing page
  1. Create a Custom Redirects and add that Landing page Link into the Custom Redirect and set Completion Action to “Add to List”.

Here you can see the screenshot of the Custom Redirect.

Permission Passed

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