Social media can be overwhelming, but with Pardot, it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to optimize your social posting with this ultimate guide. Nowadays, Social media has become an important channel for B2B marketers, and posts with images and content will help you to drive the most engagement.

With Pardot, You can post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also Pardot has the ability to include images on these posts.

Easy to use:

With these features, adding images to social posts from Pardot is very simple. It’s no longer necessary to have an image uploaded to Pardot before starting a social post — now you can upload it in-line while you’re creating the post. You can also simplify the interface for adding links, forms, files, and landing pages from Pardot and for adding campaigns and tags to a social post. And you can choose the option for a post like, posting now and scheduling a post for a future date and time.

Here you can check the Screenshot of the Social Post

Images Render Beautifully:

You don’t need to worry about the image rendering. With Pardot Social Posting you can post images in your social post on the three top social networks for B2B marketers— natively in Twitter and Facebook and as a preview in LinkedIn — so you don’t have to worry about images looking one way inside Pardot, and another way in your live post.

Track your Success:

Pardot also allows you to track engagement with your posts. If any of your social posts fails for any reason, the reason for failure will be displayed so you can quickly address it and retry your post. Since Twitter has replaced the “Favorite,” all Twitter Likes will be reported as Likes, and Retweets will be counted, too.”

These enhancements are available immediately to all Pardot customers but only visible to Marketing and Admin roles. For customers with custom user roles, users will need the Create/Edit permission enabled for Social Posts. Customers posting to Facebook will need to re-verify their Facebook connectors to ensure images always post to the timeline rather than being collected into albums.

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