Nowadays every business has a website and it also becomes the main source to generate leads for your business. But the problem begins with getting the revenue from the website.

Not surprisingly, many customers will visit your website to check products/services at some point. It is crucial that you are giving them the right experience and that incentivizes them to visit your store, ask for more information, or make a purchase. 

It sounds cool, but many small businesses aren’t optimizing their website to its full potential. So, let’s dive in and get you more leads. 

Content Matters

The first thing you need to worry about is your website content because good content sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right information to your customers. Website success depends on its content. In other words, content wins the wallets of your customers.

all other components are just a secondary support role for your website like Visuals, videos, etc. Design itself does not help you in selling.

The content of your website should be according to marketing research. First, you create a persona for your website thinking about your high-value customers, so you can easily target them. 

The main key of a successful website is having clear, relevant, and rich content that delivers the right message to your target audience, which helps you to engage them and persuade them to take action.


As you develop a story to engage with the audience on your website, now you provide the audience to take action! To start the process you should add some CTAs on your website so the audience can access these items which are given after submission to CTAs like, Request a Demo Offers, Guided Tour, and ROI Calculator. You can add as many offers as you want to add on the CTAs; it all depends on your needs.  

Now that you have set up your CTAs look at each step of your story and match your CTAs to your story steps. By doing this you will be delivering relevant, contextual opportunities for your users to engage with you. Sometimes that’s going to be your highest value CTAs, other times it’ll be an offer to expand on the topic you’re discussing.

The idea here is you need to make sure to develop varied CTAs and to position them in places that make sense for where your users are in their journey and to make sure they further the story you’re telling.


As forms are the best way to collect information about your audience, Pardot will allow you to create a progressive profiling form where you can ask some specific fields on the first form submission then ask to fill some different fields each additional time a prospect comes back. 

If you never use progressive profiling then you should try it! By using progressive profiling you can ask for different fields each time a prospect sees your forms.

The difference between a first submission and additional submissions can be drastically different with progressive profiling. Take our forms for example:

By using progressive profiling and fitting our CTAs into our story you’ve been able to see a 27% form completion rate on your site

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