The hybrid Work model is a flexible approach that brings together both online and offline methods of working. The process combines both working in an office environment and working from home. It helps employees to choose their preferred method of working and offers autonomy to the team to design their working week in a way that works both for them based on the company regulations and policy. 

In this article, CloudVandana will discuss three key factors to enhance the hybrid work model of organizations for increased productivity and brand value. 

Organizations that use a hybrid work model can offer an enhanced work-life balance to their employees. This drives productivity and employee engagement at work to help businesses operate more skillfully. 

Hybrid Work Model 

In the pre-pandemic era, only 8% of the 60 million U.S. workers were employed in an exclusively remote model, while one-third worked in a hybrid fashion. Presently, 39% of employees exclusively work from home, and 42% work hybrid, as most companies worldwide acknowledge that hybrid work is the future. 

The success of the hybrid work model depends on various factors. Key factors include- tools, training, and team building. Let’s discuss this in detail-

Factors To Enhance The Hybrid Work

The Association of talent development (ATD) conducted research that identified three key attributes that successful organizations prioritize. Let’s discuss the attributes-


Tools play the most effective roles in maintaining the hybrid work model. They became indispensable tools for communication when offices closed in early 2020.  But video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Zoom, etc., played an effective role in making hybrid work successful. Tools enable people to collaborate in a shared workspace. Tools like Slack provide video, audio, and automated workflow capabilities that make the whole work process easier for remote teams to collaborate and track projects. Tools are needed to support digital-first, hybrid organizations. 

In addition, the hybrid team can maintain their projects and daily tasks through the Project Management System Trello. This is an excellent way for teams to manage projects and tasks, stay on schedule, and maintain visibility. Organizations just need to provide proper training to the team and demonstrate their functionalities to help the team in making their remote work easier. 


Organizations and managers need to provide proper training to the remote team for better handling and productivity. Training is another important factor for implementing a whole new set of skills in the hybrid model.  Organizations need to ensure that the work gets done, overcoming various challenges. 

Without proper management training, the chances of failure to overcome a complex situation increases, and productivity decreases. 

Team Building

Team building and maintaining the hybrid model is hard. It is not easier as having face-to-face interaction. So, leaders must be extra careful about bringing teams together in a single platform. It is essential to know the customers and their requirements first. There are various guidelines for bringing teams together. As Ariel Hunsberger, senior manager of people leadership development at Salesforce, said recently, “It’s the best possible investment we can be making right now in helping people feel connected to their teams.”

Managers should set clear objectives for the offsite team to inspire them to follow the work processes and guidelines. 

Setting people up to work remotely is an easier way to create the workflow. Companies worldwide are discovering that remote and hybrid models can work wonders if a proper strategy can be set.

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