Website visitors are the backbone of every business. The number of visitors will increase, and the amount of conversion rate will be increased too. So, the main target of every digital marketer is to attract more visitors to the website. In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss three simple strategies to get more visitors from the search engines like Google. These strategies might take some time to show brilliant results, but they are not at all hard to implement. The following are the key elements to get more visitors to your website. 

1. Choosing The Right Keywords

Choosing the wrong keywords leads to less traffic, decreased conversion rate, and decreased brand value. So choosing the right keywords are very important to enhance the business, revenue, and reputation. Marketers can select the keywords by traffic report. It will help marketers to identify the keywords that their competitors are ranking for. Keywords related to the niche will help search engines like Google to redirect to the website when a visitor types the keywords. Keywords range from single words to complex phrases and are used to inform website visitors or organic search traffic. Keywords work as a bridge between the website and the target audiences. As per the functionalities, marketers have segmented the keywords into different categories. Following are a few important SEO keywords

Branded And Unbranded Keywords

Branded search terms contain the brand name or identity, branded acronyms, and branded campaign in the query, while unbranded or non-branded terms are all other keywords that visitors may consider. 

Seed vs. Page-Specific Keywords

Seed keywords are the obvious, initial list of words that a marketer can start with for the keyword research process. They act as the seeds of a plant. Page-specific keywords are generally found later in the keyword research process and are applicable to only a single page or set of pages. 

Head And Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords with the highest search demand are called head terms keywords. Long-tail keywords are unpopular keyword phrases with low search volume and high variation. 

2. Quality Content

After finding the keywords, marketers can write quality content. Marketers can place those keywords into the article as per relevance. Search engines like Google will rank the website because it contains the right keywords. Marketers should keep the URLs short, Google ranks shorter URLs higher, and users tend to prefer them. Main keywords should be included in the headlines. It will help the content to rank well. Three main keywords should be there in the meta tags. There are many other elements to optimize an article for SEO, but the main goal is to keep the content as simple as possible. 

3. Promoting The Content

After creating content, and inserting the appropriate keywords into it, the main function is to promote the content. Marketers should create a multi-channel publishing strategy. To rank better, content needs to get social shares and backlinks. The more backlinks a page will get, the higher the page will rank. Marketers can search for keywords related to the article on Twitter and can see thousands of people tweeting about stuff related to the same keywords. 

These are the main components to get a huge number of visitors to the Website. Do you have any additional queries or looking for a customized solution that will automate your other business process so that you can pay attention to these strategies? Please feel free to contact CloudVandana today.

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