Salesforce is considered the #CRM worldwide. This customer relationship brand is helping companies across the globe. Growth is the key objective for any business. But to achieve the desired results, organizations need to select the right tools. 

Implementing Salesforce CRM across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service can provide a great boost to organizations. 

In this article, CloudVandana will discuss five key ways to boost the organizational process with Salesforce. 

Productivity is an effective indicator for understanding the organizational process. It shows how a company uses its resources to produce more revenue. As productivity helps to correct and improve various procedures, the importance of productivity in business is high. 

Salesforce For Improved Productivity

This platform helps companies to improve productivity in various operational areas. Though the software is focused on sales, it also has various tools to design for improved customer experience and marketing campaigns. 

1. Social Networking With “ Chatter”

Salesforce Chatter is a chat tool for employees to communicate with team members to improve productivity. This platform includes an application that helps facilitate conversations between employees. 

Chatter integrates into the leading customer relationship platform and turns the CRM into a complete social network. It supports the creation of groups focused on specific customer accounts or specific regions. 

This application is capable of updating orders and can reward the most productive employees. It helps organizations to share ideas and proposals and organize internal communications. It is a perfect solution for building new bridges between employees, teams, and departments. 

2. Analytical Power To Track The Business Growth

The platform can provide valuable information and generates key reports and metrics. These reports can help to make better business decisions. Creating reports is not an easy task as the time spent on creating reports is high. But with this customer relationship management, users can generate various reports. So the tracking process becomes easier. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows organizations to discover more about the customers’ preferences and automate processes related to sales and marketing. The AI tools help to predict the upcoming steps to improve customer relationships. 

4. Improve TheBusiness Advertising

Most businesses face challenges in managing productive time as they must spend a lot of time creating the strategy and marketing campaign. This customer relationship platform allows the creation of more effective and targeted advertising for increased engagement of potential customers to increase the conversion rate. 

This CRM has several tools that help the marketing department dedicate less effort while improving their campaigns. 

5. More Productivity

The platform improves productivity by automating various organizational tasks. Employees can stay connected with their customers anytime through the mobile solutions offered by the platform. The applications launched by the company are available on Android and iOS devices.

Salesforce’s strong presence in the mobile world helps streamline every business process.

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