Leads are the backbone of every business or organization. Marketers need to take a proper strategy to generate more leads for their business. They need to identify the target market first, then market the brand in an effective way and finally create relevant and interesting content to attract the target audiences. Marketers should try to adapt the strategy which will best suit the customers’ expectations. 

In this competitive digital world, outdated content or outdated strategies like cold calling and paying for leads can’t help marketers to reach their target. They need solid, proven techniques to draw more leads.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a simple process to generate new potential customers for the business. The lead generation process can be divided into two parts. 

On the first step, marketers need to draw traffic to the website through various marketing channels. Then marketing and the sales team need to convince these visitors and push them through the sales funnel. This process is called lead nurturing. The sales team can reach out to them by the information provided by them, and convince them to become paying customers. So retaining quality leads are very important as they increase the conversion rate. For example, a website has acquired 1000 random leads, from there only 2 prospects converted into paying customers. On the other hand, a website got 100 leads, from there 80 prospects converted into paying customers. So getting a high-quality lead is more important than getting random leads where the chances of conversion are very low. 

5 Tricks To Gain More Leads

Lead generation depends on the organizations and their niche. The trick which works the best for an organization, might not work well for a different organization. There are many ways to find new prospects. In this blog, CloudVandana is sharing the 5 most important tricks that will work for almost every type of business.  

1. A/B Testing The CTAs

A CTA or call to action is a prompt that guides someone to take a specific action. Marketers can add different CTA buttons and can track the performance of the visitors. 

The examples of effective CTA buttons are-

CTAs are the first step to bringing the visitors to the sales funnel. So it is very important to get them in the right way. Marketers might include a visual element if required. A/B testing or split testing lets the marketers compare different variations of the same CTA button to point out the differences in actions. Once the marketers can identify the most important version, they can easily generate more leads. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool to measure these performances. 

2. User Generated Content

User-generated content means the content which is generated by users. UGC can be in different forms, like a product review, testimonials, articles or posts, etc. It is a marketing tool that provides free marketing or branding. Marketers can post the review of the customers to the website to create a brand impression and encourage other prospects to complete the purchase. 

3. Free Trial Or Download For Limited Period

Marketers can offer a free trial or download to increase the trust and brand value of the products. A visitor, who is also a subscriber, might not be ready to purchase the products or offerings if the person does not get to know the product very well. A free trial is the best option to make the prospect interested in the product. If the prospects get interested in the product or offerings, they will be more likely to complete the purchase process and the process will increase the loyal following. 

4. Hosting Training Webinars

A training webinar is an opportunity to showcase the knowledge and experience. It also creates an impression on the minds of the audience that the organization is prepared to share this knowledge for free, which helps to build trust in the company. Hosting training webinars are very useful for both B2B  and B2C companies. For example, B2B companies, which focus on selling software to small businesses, might host a product demo, on the other hand, B2C companies can host webinars on the process of using the product. 

Marketers should advertise the webinar effectively. They can promote the webinar on LinkedIn or on social media channels. Marketers can create a database with the contact details of the interested parties. The webinar is a great way to introduce people to the product and the brand. 

5. Introduce An Influencer

Marketers can make a partnership with influencers or influential people to create an impact on the audience’s mind. Influential figures might include industry leaders, tech experts, social media influencers, analytics, etc. They can influence the audiences to take desired actions like downloading an app, booking a free demo, etc. So influencers are another important source of lead generation. 

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