When a lead signs up or subscribes with your brand, that does not mean they are ready to buy your product/service and a sales representative should be assigned to them. Without knowing the exact need of leads sales representatives can lose a chance to convert that lead into a qualified lead.

Here Pardot Can help, it has the potential to provide you when is the right time to call a lead.

For example, when a lead downloads your eBook or posts some queries on your website, Your sales representative will receive alerts as per the conditions you have set according to the best match for your organization. Like when the lead downloads an eBook, there is no sense to give a callback but yes if they post a query on your website then that’s the best time to reach out to them because they want your help at that time.

So, here you can check the 5 tips to increase your sales by using Pardot.

1. Provide Sales-Ready Leads by using Lead Scoring and Grading:

Before sending the sales team to follow up, lead scoring and grading can assure that the lead is the best fit for your business. Pardot provides you the features of lead scoring and grading which is the most responsible feature of Pardot that aligns the marketing and sales teams.

It depends on your prospect activity and you can find out based on their score and grade how much that prospect is interested in your product/service.

It also gives you the functionality to Customize your lead scoring and grading model so that it fits your exact business needs.
Pardot provides you the score and grading of leads by their activities on your website which gives you the full view of leads interest in your products before assigning it to your sales team.

2. Help you to trigger an action on a particular page Viewed by Prospects: 

The best way to find out the interest of prospects is if you find out the page viewed by the prospects. All Marketing Automation tools can give you the prospect activity but Pardot can help you to take any action on some specific pages which you consider as a good match for your organizations.

Pardot Page Actions are here to the rescue, It can help you to take action on prospects if they view any of the specific pages that match as per the criteria defined by you.

Page Actions are completion actions that are triggered by a prospect’s page views. It helps you to find out the best set of prospects for your organization. You may choose to add them as prospects to a list, assign these prospects to users if they view your product pricing page or any page which you consider as a good match for the prospect to reach out.

With Page Actions you may also remove prospects from any list, For example: if any of your prospects visit a page that contains some free resources for download or any specific page which you consider not a good match for your prospects then you can take a completion action and remove them from the list.

Consideration for using the Page Actions:

  • You can apply Page Actions to any website page that contains your Pardot tracking code.
  • Page Actions do not retroactively. They work when one or more of your pages are viewed by prospects.
  • Page Actions works on the exact URL which needs to be matched with your website URL.

Completion Actions are available for Page Actions:

  • Assign to user
  • Add to List
  • Remove from List
  • Add to Salesforce Campaign
  • Set prospect’s Source Campaign

Let’s Create a Page Actions and set a completion action based on the prospect page views.

  • Navigate to Marketing | Automation | Page Actions.
  • Click + Add Page Action.
  • Enter the Name.
  • Enter the full URL of the page. It must be a valid URL, and the website page must contain a Pardot tracking code.
  • (Optional) Change the page’s score.
  • (Optional) Choose a scoring category.
  • (Optional) Select Priority Page.
  • Add completion actions as you want.
  • When finished, click Create Page Action.

Here you can check the Screenshot of Page Action.

Page Action

3. Lead Nurturing Process:

The best way to create a relationship between your product/services and your consumers is the Lead Nurturing Process. It will help you to give you a proper idea of whether the lead is interested in your product or not.

Pardot can also give you insights on the activities performed by the prospects on your website, and what exactly they are interested in.

When you know what a prospect is interested in you can engage with the right set of campaigns, content, and messaging. Hence, increasing the possibility of the prospect of becoming a customer.

It also helps you to create a customer journey and find out the leads which are interested in your products/services.

Here you can check the Screenshot of the Engagement Studio basic program.

engagement studio program

4. Personalization:

One of the most effective ways that Pardot can serve personalized marketing content to Leads at critical junctures in their buyer’s journey.

It allows you to be more personalized with your leads and increases your chances of getting close to sales.

As known, every consumer is happier to buy from you if you call them by name, recommend some product based on past purchases, or purchase history.

With Pardot HML you can conditionally show content and default statements when prospect records are missing certain values.

HML can be used in the following places in Pardot:

  • Email Templates
  • List Emails
  • 1:1 Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Dynamic Content

For more information, you can check our blog on Pardot HML.

5. Re-engagement with inactive Leads:

With Pardot you can Re-engage with inactive leads who were once active on your website but for now, they are inactive on your platform.

means, these leads were interested in your product/services or had made purchases from you as well in the past but for now, they stayed inactive. So the re-engagement with inactive leads can help you to boost your sales and provide you active leads.

Re-engagement is an important method that gives you a chance to make engagement with your inactive leads. It is an effective step that prioritizes advertising spend on leads who – based on previous intent – have been identified as more likely to convert.

This is why most marketers who use their ad spend to re-engage users tend to see a higher ROI compared to most other digital channels.

Re-engagement helps you to create a broader digital strategy, including ads across all digital channels – web, email, mobile web, and in-app.

Here you can check the Re-engagement Program screenshots


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