Youtube is a video-sharing and social media platform owned by Google. Presently marketers are using youtube for social media marketing through attractive ad creatives. Contents are mainly video ads, but sometimes, marketers can include images, video, audio, and text. These combined creatives form a full video advertisement. 

Youtube is a very effective way of expanding reach. To make the ad campaign successful, marketers need to create attractive and catchy Youtube creatives. In this article, CloudVandana is describing 6 great ideas for Youtube ad creatives for a higher reach. 

1. Surprising Elements

If the marketers want the audience to be engaged with the content, the creative should be formed in a surprising way, so that audience will wait till the end. Many popular brands are following this technique nowadays. The content often starts on a relatively normal note, but then takes a surprise turn. Though the span of the video should be short as people don’t want to spend much time if the content is too long, and the target will not be fulfilled if the audience leaves the content halfway. 

2. Relatable Content

Another important element of a Youtube ad is the ad content should be relatable to the target audience. So before the proceedings, marketers need to select the target audience for the particular ad campaign, and note a few important elements like-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Purchasing Capability
  • Social Class
  • Location

With the information in hand, marketers can shape a story that makes the audience interested. The key is not too complex, marketers just need to know the audience better. Then the outcome will be more natural. 

3. Call to action

Marketers should add an effective call to action button to educate, inspire and convert the prospects. Without a call to action button, visitors can leave the page without taking any action or purchase. So call t action buttons like ‘Learn more’ or ‘Buy Now’ can be added to take required action towards conversion.  

4. Continuous Experiment 

Marketers need to experiment and track audience engagement continuously. This provides better results as marketers can take necessary action if the engagement rates shows low. During testing, marketers can keep on changing the fonts, text color, and image sizes. Marketers should A/B test with a single element at a time. Few other testing elements are-

  • Dialogue
  • Background Music
  • Visual Background
  • Visual Transitions

5. Ad Through A Story

Storytelling is an effective way to draw the audience. A storyboard can be informative, heartwarming, or funny. Marketers can use any of these techniques that will suit the campaign best. 

6. User-Generated Content

User-generated content or UGC is content provided by real users of the service or product. These can be in the form of reviews, photos, or videos submitted to the brand through social media or via feedback forms. UGC is so important that marketers can’t afford to exclude UGC from the marketing efforts. 

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