Agile Testing is a software testing practice that maintains the principles of agile software development. Previously, testing was a separate stage in the software methodologies. In the Agile methodology, testing starts at the very beginning of the project, even before the start of the development process. It is a continuous development process that runs parallel to development work and provides an ongoing feedback loop into the development process. 

In this article, CloudVandana will discuss Agile testing and its six key benefits. 

In Agile testing methods, testers are no longer a separate organizational unit; they are part of the agile development team. Sometimes, Agile organizations do not have dedicated testers or QA engineers. Instead, every team member is responsible for testing. On the other hand, some organizations have a team of dedicated testers, but they work closely with developers throughout the software development cycle. 

This allows testers to better plan the test processes, have more conversations with the developers, and bring a different position to the organization.  Let’s look at the benefits-

1. Testers Are Involved From The Begining

Software Testers are part of every process throughout the duration of the project and get the inside scoop. So testers can better plan the test processes. 

2. Agile Testing Allows Early Testing

Testing runs alongside the development process, where the releases are repetitive; the tester can test the product as it is being built as well as new requirements can be added. It also helps by detecting bugs. 

3. Agile Testing Saves Time And Money

This testing is product-driven, and less documentation is needed. The iterations need to be completed faster. For a continuous and error-free deployment process, regular feedback is given by the client for required changes for the enhancement of the product. So, the process can be done faster without wasting any additional time. 

4. Testers Can Easily Write And ImplementTest Cases 

As testers are involved in the process, they have the best idea about the upcoming challenges and what will need to be tested with each iteration. So, they are ready with their test cases and test artifacts. 

5. Agile Testing Can Satisfy The Businesses With The End-Result

For every application, the focus area always remains to provide the best user experience and make the application user-centric. So, the conversion rate can be increased, and businesses can be expanded. When the survey and positive responses from the end users increased rapidly, the agile practice was the reason for it. So, less time spent on production, more time to market, and focused on the right and essential aspects that give better results and satisfy the end-users. 

6. App Maintenance Becomes Easier

Through this process, maintenance becomes quite easier. The agile approach involves multiple developers and testers. Due to the limited time available with the agile approach, automation testing can be carried out to save time and avoid repeated testing. 

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