Salesforce is recognized as the #1 CRM solution globally that provides bundles of features for various business requirements. Salesforce Editions are consist of these bundles of elements. Organizations choose Salesforce Sales Cloud as a CRM  to organize sales-related activities. Though Salesforce was introduced to handle sales-related tasks; presently, Salesforce supports the various departments of an organization. So a variety of editions were invented to make all the organizational processes easier. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the various editions of Salesforce and their functionalities. Salesforce Editions are different in terms of features, limitations, and prices. So, let’s look at the classifications to select the best edition for your organization.

Salesforce Editions

Salesforce has segmented the editions into four categories-

  • Essentials
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited

Following are the brief descriptions of the categories-

1. Essentials

Essentials costs $25 per user/ month. Salesforce Essentials edition offers a basic set of features for sales needs, like lead management, account, contact, and opportunity. Efficiently manages the sales tasks and meetings and collaborates with the employees using Chatter. Essentials edition does not allow large and midsized organizations to select the customized solution according to their code. Besides, this edition provides limited sales automation capabilities. Third-party systems integrations are also not possible under this edition. Creation of User Profiles, Roles, and Permission sets is also impossible in this edition. These restrictions are vital for large companies with various CRM users. So the better editions were needed to perform these tasks.

2. Professional

This Salesforce edition costs $75 per user/month and is billed annually. If an organization needs to manage various products and price books, quotes, orders, etc., this edition is a must-have. Along with the features of the Essentials edition, Professional editions provide some more features such as contract management, Products and Price Books, Quote and order management, sales forecasting, etc. Developer Sandbox is used for developing and testing new functionality in a different environment without any impact on the production environment. There are a few limitations in this edition too. There is a lack of opportunity to customize the solution with code and to automate sales-related tasks. In this edition, third-party integration through APIs is possible. 

3. Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition provides all the functionalities of the Professional Edition, along with other functionalities like Workflow and approval automation, Opportunity Splits to share revenue from an opportunity. It also provides Territory Management and advanced reporting features. Enterprise Edition offers unlimited automation functionalities with Flow Builder, an unlimited number of user-profile and page layouts. The unlimited number of user roles and permissions, etc. This Edition also offers a Lightning Platform to build and manage applications. Limitations are also associated with the customization capabilities. For example, the limit is 25 Lightning apps created on the Lightning Platform to make the Salesforce solution easier.

4. Unlimited Edition

The Unlimited Edition provides extensive features to process automation, customization with Apex code, and integration through APIs available in the Enterprise edition. 24/7 toll-free support, access to premier success resources, access to configuration services, and access to one-on-one coaching sessions with a Salesforce professional and developer support. Limitations include creating more than 2000 custom objects, 800 custom fields per object, 200 report types, and 500 validation rules. 

Depending upon the needs and size of the organization, organizations can upgrade their editions. 

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