An anchor text is a text that a visitor clicks to move from one destination to another over the web. The text anchors the two different locations. Anchor texts can link web pages, initiate downloads, or link to documents like PDFs or files. SEO consists of various details. Anchor text is one of the impart parts of them. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will overview the anchor texts and their importance on search engine optimization. These texts are clickable text that a user sees in a hyperlink. They send signs to both the website’s users and the search engine. If a marketer wants to maximize the ROI  from the content marketing strategy, anchor text is one of the great options. 

Following are the various types of anchor text that visitors usually find across the web.

Variations Of Anchor Texts

1. Exact Match Anchor Text

The exact match anchor text is similar to the targeted keyword words for the entire webpage. It is a good way of optimization, but Google has restricted the overuse of those anchor texts.

2. Partial Match Anchor Text

When a marketer uses the keywords and other words, those are called partial match keywords. It is a handy way of anchor text insertion. As a result, Google can have better page content ideas without manipulating its algorithm. Therefore, the experts highly recommend boosting the page authority. 

3. Branded Anchor Texts

Branded Anchor Texts depend on the brand’s name to establish the authority. This is most suitable for outbound backlink building. This is another effective way of building a solid anchor profile. 

4. Naked Anchor Text

These anchor texts are simple to use and mention the website name and link, but they are unhelpful and spammy for the reader. Naked anchor texts are disruptive and divert the audience’s attention to a reference instead of relevant and best-suited text. These types of disruption finally lead visitors away from the website. 

5. Generic Anchor Text

These anchor texts draw the audience’s attention and redirect them to take a few actions, like Clicking here or buying this. Though the marketers should not use the anchor text too much to prevent the boredom of the audiences.  

6. Latent Semantic Index Keywords

The search engines’ method is to predict what users will type into the search bar. These anchor texts create search-friendly elements that search engines can quickly identify.  

7. Image Anchor

Image anchors help users navigate the website to find out the results they are looking for. For this instance, Google reads the image’s alt tag as the anchor text. 

Contribution For SEO

After learning about the various types of SEO, let’s look at the impact of anchor text on SEO. 

1. Stay Focused On The Topic

Marketers need to be focused on the subject of the anchor text. The anchor text should consist of words that are relevant to the embedded link. Without relevance, Google will consider the hyperlink as manipulative. 

2. Introduce The Variation

To create the strategy of anchor texts, marketers should use their own unique and varied approach. In most cases, marketers can establish the baseline methodology for the anchor text practices. After getting the baseline, marketers can represent different variations of the anchor text to judge which suits best for SEO and organic rankings. For best results, marketers are advised to keep the language natural. 

3. Track The Anchor Text Performance

Tracking is the best process to see the Anchor Text performance. Continuous tracking of the phrases will help the marketers to create a significant impact on SEO. 

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