Angular Js is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications maintained by Google. The primary purpose of this framework is to help in developing single-page applications. As the framework focuses on code quality and testability, developers prefer it over other frameworks available. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss Angular JS and its five critical benefits in this blog. 

It is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. It lets the user use HTML as the template language and enables users to extend HTML syntax to express the application’s components in a specific way. But, first, let’s look at the benefits of this framework.

Benefits Of Angular JS

1. Easy To Learn Framework

Developers with knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can quickly learn this framework. It expands more opportunities for developers in the Web Development Industry. Developers can soon learn how to build and test web applications using Angular JS. When a person becomes an expert in AngularJS, less time is required to develop the web applications. 

2. Angular Supports SPA Features

Single-page applications are mainly created for a faster website transition. The single-page website generally works as a native application. AngularJS supports the development of single-page applications. The single-page application using Angular JS loads quickly and works on every platform providing an excellent user experience. It is even easier to maintain compared to other frameworks. 

3. It Has A Declarative UI

This framework creates templates using HTML. It is a declarative framework popularly used for its scalability. The declarative user interface helps to create solutions more quickly. In addition, it increases the collaboration between designers and developers to work them together. The designers can focus on building UI when developers use the declarative binding syntax to connect the different UI  components with data models. 

4. Angular Is A Powerful Framework And Supports Optimal Web Applications

It is a robust solution for faster front-end development. It is a very popular platform among developers as it is freely available and has multiple features. The framework allows developers to expand the HTML syntax while building client-side applications. 

Developers generally need to segment any code into three different components, model, view, and control, and then manually merge those components’ codes. The framework saves time as it automatically connects the code. 

The component manages the application data. The view component displays the data to the users, and the control component maintains the relationship between the model and the view. So it becomes easier for developers to manage the UI part using this pattern. 

5. Google’s Support And Real-Time Testing

Google supports the AngularJS framework for its applications. Moreover, the skilled team of developers from Google always comes up with innovative solutions for improvements. So the language has achieved credibility due to Google’s support. 

Angular allows both end-to-end development and unit testing. Testing features show how to resolve the dependencies. This framework is rich in features and does not need to depend on third-party software for support. Developers can save a lot of time and increase productivity. 

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