Salesforce WordPress integration is a key aspect of enhanced business success. The process gives a vast range of benefits, from personalized web service experience to insights for enhanced growth. Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps organizations worldwide with marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT. This is a cloud-based platform, so the team can help the customers anytime, anywhere to enhance brand loyalty and customer experience. 

WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms. If an organization is planning to set up a website, blog, or service platform, efficient management of the data is critical for a long-term relationship with the clients. WordPress provides all the solutions for content management and helps to increase the presence of the brand.

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss five key benefits of Salesforce WordPress integration. 

Benefits Of Salesforce WordPress Integration

1. Track The User’s Activity

The integration allows you to track the customer journey and get a whole overview of the WordPress platform. The tracking helps to view the most visited pages of the website, their activity, interests, and many more. The user-specific insight can help to create a more engaging and personalized experience for the customers. In addition, the integration gives access to users within the data law requirements and compliance with the geographic location. 

2. Simplified User Management

Both platforms capture significant amounts of data that enable you to understand the customers and visitors better to provide them with a personalized service experience. Any action on WordPress can be directly synced to Salesforce to get a single source of customer data across the business. The integration allows the creation of customer portals seamlessly and offers self-service options with access to specific customer data pages to help them manage the data themselves. The integration gives the customers various features to create settings based on their preferences.  

3. Convert User Data Into Leads

The WordPress platform may also have forms with personal data submission for various subscription plans, resources, newsletters, and many more. The integration allows capturing each customer-input data on Salesforce, segmenting them based on the personalization levels required, and nurturing them to leads and sales. WordPress allows users to send form data to the CRM and track the performance from the CRM tool. This process helps to increase sales and conversion. 

4. Custom Object Integration

Salesforce enables the creation of custom objects if the data don’t fit into the existing standard objects. So users can create additional capabilities and track by creating custom objects and have better control. Salesforce is a highly extensible system, so the custom objects can have custom fields that allow capturing every data to enhance growth. 

5. Connect WordPress With Salesforce Campaigns

This integration allows users to connect WordPress actions with Salesforce campaigns for better results. So, it becomes easier to associate with the users who sign-up on the WordPress platform with a campaign. The platform can easily track all the customer data, so the sales team can easily use those data in their campaigns for better results. 

These are the key benefits; there are various other benefits of this integration that users can experience after a proper integration process. Sound good? Please feel free to schedule a consultation call with CloudVandana, a reputed Salesforce partner in India, and experience the highest benefits to stay ahead of your competitors. Call now.

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