Video email marketing is a very attractive and useful process to attract prospects. Video marketing does not mean that users will be playing the video staying in their inboxes. Marketers generally use video email marketing to link a video thumbnail image to a company landing page where the video actually exists. 

Every professional receives more than 150 emails per day. So marketers need to create something different, incorporating video content that will stand out among the other emails. CloudVandana gives a detailed description of the effectiveness of video email marketing. 

Statistics show that video email marketing is more effective than normal email marketing. Following are some important components of video email marketing.

1. A Proper Video Landing Page 

Embedding a video for the email recipients to watch right within the screen is not advisable as many email providers restrict it. This is a good thing as marketers want their customers to take certain actions which are not possible if they stay in their inbox only. Video thumbnails connected to the landing page will involve the users in visiting the landing page and taking some action. This will fulfill the marketers’ strategy, and they can push those leads down through the sales funnel. To make the process more effective, the design of the video landing page should be attractive and informative. Videos should play without any hassle, and a proper CTA button should be there like ‘buy this’ or ‘call us’ etc. So embedding a video thumbnail image into the email and linking that to the landing page where that video life is likely to be more beneficial than normal text emails. 

2. Events Promotion

Video email marketing is a very effective way of promoting any business event to existing customers and leads. Event promotion through the mail is very much appreciated as it is like sending an invitation to someone. Organizations can share a small introductory video for their new product launch or can share a video invite for a scheduled webinar or any other event. People will be more likely to respond to those emails rather than normal emails, and that will boost marketing efforts and sales at the same time. 

3. Embedding Personalized Video Email Into The Sales Process

Helping the sales team is a big part of effective marketing. Sales teams are often busy with their busy daily schedule of making quotations, following up, etc. So sometimes they need a push from their friends in marketing. As marketing and sales are closely related, the marketing team can motivate them with some useful videos to boost their marketing efforts. It helps a lot to close their deals faster. Sending short video clips increases the response rates.

4. Recorded Customer Story

Let your happy customers do the promotion for you! If the potential customers see that the real customers are talking about their good experience in a real manner of working with your organization, trust develops among the prospects. So the sales team can send those recorded testimonials to their leads’ inboxes. 

5. Video Marketing To Upsell Existing Customers

We are talking about leads, but the existing customer base can also enhance the revenue. According to the survey, selling to a new prospect is between 5 and 20%, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70%. In the maximum cases, the best market is the existing customers. But before sharing a video email to both cases, marketers need to use their time wisely.

6. Add A Gif To The Email Marketing

Using a gif file in the email cadence is very effective sometimes, as short and sweet always wins. Today’s world is full of distractions like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. People go to youtube and get distracted by other video ads. So it is hard to get the full attention of any person to convey something.

So a short and informative gif image will perform the best to serve the purpose. It might be something jiggling around on the page or a funny dance move, or a cartoon display to grab the attention of the leads. This format (gif) can easily be inserted into an email template and takes no extra time to get displayed.

Hopefully, this has given you a proper scenario of using video in email marketing. Feel free to share your valuable comments and share your best email marketing strategy with CloudVandana.

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