Brandy is a Salesforce character, a marketer. Presently we are living in the digital-first world. The expectations of the customers are transforming. Now we can work remotely from anywhere in the world with the help of the latest digital technology. Customers want customizing solutions for their every need, which needs to be done immediately. So to be connected and satisfy the customers, marketers are facing many challenges. Keeping this thought in mind, Salesforce has introduced a character called Brandy, the Salesforce Marketer.

Brandy is a Salesforce character who helps to monitor pipelines, cultivate campaigns, describe Personalized stories, adapt to trends, and many more in marketing. CloudVandana is going to describe a little more about the marketer Brandy and some perceptions behind her creation.

The Ideas Behind The Salesforce Characters

According to Salesforce, in 1999, they changed their mindset about enterprise software. The qualities should be easier to purchase, user-friendly, easy installation process, easy maintenance, and constant upgradations. Their characters Appy, Einstein, Brandy, Astro, and Clody reflect this version of their mindset. Each and everyone has a specific job and purpose, the target of making technology friendlier, more communicative, and easy to access. 

Introduction Of Brandy

This mascot is a female marketer invented by Salesforce. According to Salesforce, they collected the best qualities of the Trailblazers and then put those best qualities into Brandy’s personality and appearance. 

There are a few common factors between a marketer and a fox. Some details of the mascot are given below and the reason why she’s a fox.

Picture Courtesy: Salesforce

 1. Adaptable Nature: Foxes are adaptable. They can move to various locations, from forests to downs, mountains, and even deserts. They are experts in crossing any hurdles and can swim very well. This makes it the mascot of the marketers to open a new landscape for them. In the present scenario, marketers can work from anywhere in the fully digital world.

2. Analytical Abilities: Foxes can scan any field for data of their need. Similarly, marketers always approach in an analytical way to search any data or related tasks. Foxes have an internal compass to determine the distance of their target point; the same way marketers use the data to lead their marketing strategies.

3. Adventurous: Foxes love to travel; they are always eager to explore the next destination. That’s why Brandy, the Salesforce’s Marketer character loves planning journeys. She enjoys customer interaction at every stop throughout her journey.

4. Approachable: Foxes are sometimes misunderstood or portrayed as mischievous, but they are friendly and lovable in reality. In the same way, Salesforce Trailblazers are always approachable, with a smile on their face.

5. Moment Maker: Brandy is created with a camera and a watch in her hands. These gadgets help brandy deliver excellent customer moments at any time, any place. This way, she maintains customer relationships.

As stated by Salesforce, Brandy’s blazing fur coat reflects her brilliant mind, and the concept perfectly matches Marketing Cloud’s orange hallmark. So Brandy is a perfectly natural fit in the Salesforce Family.

Above all, she is a marketer who always tries to deliver the best moment and experience to the customers. Marketer Carrer Path on Trailhead shows how the moments are being built over by marketers all over the world.

Brandy will help the marketers by walking with them throughout their journey. Marketers will be able to achieve the following qualities and overcome the hurdles with the help of Brandy.

Marketers will be able to boost their marketing skills. They can learn in detail from email marketing to analytics, data science, and many more, which best suits their job role. Marketers can communicate with other marketers to grow their marketing network. They can join a marketing community to get expert tips, talk about strategy, customer trends, and many more. 

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