Struggling to foster relationships with customers while working remotely? Check out these five simple tips to improve customer relationships when stuck in a virtual office! 

Working remotely can make it hard to build strong relationships with customers, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are five tips for fostering customer relationships when you’re stuck in a virtual office.

Utilize Automated Tools 

Automated customer relationship management (CRM) tools can make it easier to keep track of customer information, interaction history, and trends. Using these tools to send personalized messages and reminders can color customers’ perceptions of your business and keep them informed while reducing the time taken.

Introduce Self-Service Options 

Give customers the ability to quickly access customer service and product information without relying on waiting times or contacting your team. Self-service options can include creating customer “how-to” videos, webinars or resources, blogs, and FAQ pages. Use customer feedback surveys to understand how customers interact with these self-service solutions. From here, you can improve them as needed to ensure customers get the help they need promptly.

Show Appreciation with Discounts & Special Offers

Showing your customers appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated! You can let customers know how much you value them and their business by sending vouchers, coupons, or discounts. That way, customers can get a sense that you appreciate their support, even when conducting business virtually. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to allow customers to join loyalty programs that give back rewards for purchasing from you frequently. This can encourage them to continue patronizing your business in the future.

Spend Extra Time on Follow-Ups and Q&A Sessions 

Following up with customers after sales or services have been provided is always key to fostering good customer relationships. Regularly schedule follow-up streams via video conferencing services to answer customer questions and hear their feedback on your products and services. This will help you become more in tune with what customers are looking for and identify areas of improvement. You can also use these follow-up sessions as an opportunity to create tailored strategies for particular clients that respond particularly well to your product/services.

Experiment With Different Communication Methods

To strengthen your customer relationships even more, consider experimenting with different communication methods such as phone, text messages, email, webinars & conferences. This way, you can keep your customers engaged and further understand their needs better. Also, a few friendly calls and updates throughout the year to check in on old customers could show them that you are still interested in providing them with excellent service.

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