With the Salesforce Platform, you can design your own app and also make changes to it yourself. With the excellent built-in features of Salesforce, you can build apps with very little effort with just point and click.

An app is a collection of objects that work together to serve a particular function.

Steps to create a simple app :

  • Click on the Setup option given next to the Application name visible in the top right corner.
  • In the Quick Find input box, go to build->create->apps from the drop-down menu.
  • From the apps screen, choose New option then choose custom apps.
  • Provide a label to the application. Click on the Next option.
  • Give a profile picture to your application, click on Next.
  • Add tabs required then Click on Next again
  • Select multiple profiles that you want to assign to your application and click the Save option in the end.

Create tabs:

  • Click on the ‘ +’ icon in the Tab Menu.
  • Now choose the Customized Tabs option from the right side.
  • Add the tabs required and Click on Save option.

Other than standard tabs, you can also create custom tabs based on the application requirement.

Create profiles :

  • Navigate to Setup -> Administer -> Manage Users -> Profiles
  • Now clone any of the existing profiles by clicking on Edit option.

After the tabs and profiles are ready, you can provide data into it. 

Create custom object and custom fields :

  • Navigate to the Setup -> Build -> Create -> Object.
  • Choose the New custom object option.
  • Fill the object name and Description. Click on Save.
  • Once the custom object is created, it can be added to the Tab Menu.
  • Navigate to the Setup -> Build -> Create -> Object.
  • Now select the object in which you want to add fields.
  • Scroll down the custom fields or relationships for that particular object and click on the ‘New’ option.
  • Now define the data type for the field and click Next.
  • When you are defining fields, don’t forget to consider rules and check on the length of the field, name, and description.
  • Click Next and select the proper profile for the field that can be changed later.
  • Select the page layout suitable for the field.
  • Click Save.

By following the above steps, you can create your own Salesforce app and start managing data in your Salesforce Org.

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