A podcast is an episodic series of audio files of spoken words. It can be downloaded to any device for the user’s easy listening. Podcasts are now a very popular medium. The first reason behind its popularity is entertainment. It is a great way to build the brand and promote any business. Many podcasters run ads or use Patreon to solicit regular donations from the listeners, smart podcasters use the shows to generate opportunities, leads, and sales. CloudVandana is providing a few tips to use podcasts smartly.

Content Related To Customers’ Problem

With podcasts, a podcaster can set up interviews with the people of his interest. But if the podcaster is planning out something informative yet interesting, he or she can move with the topics of customers’ interest or queries. If there is any specific topic that comes up again and again with the interactions with customers, the podcaster can make an episode about them. If the podcaster can figure out the queries made by the customers when they visit the website, he/she can proceed with that also. It will help them to get more traffic and generate more qualified leads.

CTAs Throughout Each Episode

CTAs (Call to Action) play a very important role to generate leads with podcasts. During creating the CTAs, a podcaster needs to remember a few things. It is expected that a maximum number of listeners will be going down through the sales funnel, but a direct offering of the product or any purchase link won’t work in a great way. So CTAs are an effective yet simple way to engage the audience with the product or the services. A podcaster needs to figure out the average drop-off point of the listeners. Everyone is busy with their own work so most people won’t listen to the full podcast. So the podcaster needs to craft the CTA to place a few seconds before every drop-off point. CTAs should be there at the beginning and endpoint of the podcast. 

Super Simple Opt-Ins

People generally listen to podcasts when they are free or relaxing. So it can be expected that they generally do not listen while sitting in front of laptops or computers. So if the podcaster wants them to take action, the interface or the buttons should be as simple as possible. As the listeners will be operating the process over mobile in maximum time, so the process should be mobile friendly.  A simple text message opt-in service is a great way to make the listener involved or if the podcaster can add an easy form filling up page through which they can redirect to the webpage.

Repurpose Podcast Content

Podcast’s content can be transformed into different forms. For example, if a podcaster is running the audio weekly, he can post the content as a blog or publish the content as a news outlet. The podcasts can also be transformed into youtube videos with a little effort. So that people can reach the content according to their preferred platform, but the author needs to promote all the channels in a nice manner so that the people get to know about the content.

Retargeting Ads

If a person visits a specific podcast, that signifies that the person is interested. A podcaster can retarget the person through Google ads to promote the podcast of the product or services. The author can even promote a specific episode of their interest when they are visiting the other webpage. This technique will bring the customers to the podcaster’s website. So, building a podcast audience is a nice way to generate leads for the business.

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