Get instant access to relevant, timely news about customers, partners, competitors, and industries you work with. The News component includes articles from the past 30 days and is available on business accounts, contacts, leads, and the Home page. Articles come from reputable, English-language news sources.

If you come across an interesting news article, easily share it on Chatter. When you share an article from a record’s detail page, it’s posted to that record’s Chatter feed. When you share an article from Home or the News app, it’s posted to your Chatter profile for all your followers to see.

Steps to Enable News

  1. Make sure you’ve allowed the network access needed for News to work.
  2. From Setup, enter Account Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Account Settings.
  3. Select Enable News.
  4. Make sure that the News component is on your page layouts.


  • To get the most relevant news, Be sure to include a website. Try to have the value in the Account Name field match the company name, so be aware of incorrect spellings, special characters, and other formatting.
  • Salesforce processes all news to ensure it’s relevant and free of spam and inappropriate content. If you see inappropriate or incorrect news items, flag them using the feedback options.

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