Google provides high-quality results for each user as per the requirement. So the role of Google is very important in everyone’s life. If marketers can use the search engine Google in an innovative way, Google can open up numerous opportunities to enhance the business. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the 5 most important secrets of Google that every marketer should know. 

1. Advanced Search Functions

We all are very familiar with the search bar of Google. Nowadays, almost every person goes to the Google search bar at least 3 times a day. The search engine also comes along with some pretty cool, advanced search functions that most people are not aware of. These tools guide the users to optimize for search engine optimization(SEO) and everything in between. 

The search feature ‘ related’ lets the user include similar or identical topics. This search feature can be beneficial for online business owners or marketers in identifying competitors. Google can show other vendors offering similar products and services This makes research into competitor search ranking, social strategy, and other marketing functionality easier. 

2. Thousand of Updates Each Year 

In the beginning, Google didn’t make to its algorithms annually. Now Google algorithms are updated several times a year. Each update contains a modification to how pages display in the search engine result pages(SERPs) and can impact the search visibility. Recently Google has recently decided to remove all third-party cookies from its engine. These third-party cookies were used as a tool for tracking individual movement across the web. These cookies were a marketer’s best friend but on the other hand a security threat too. So cookie removal is a massive update by Google. To stay updated every time, marketers need to take few steps like building agile, editable sites, and pages that can roll with the changes. This will enhance the digital success of every marketer. 

3. Google Shows Bounce Rate

Marketers or Sales teams generally struggle with email sign up, increase site search traffic, and getting more leads. The main cause of this struggle is the bounce rate. The bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who come to visit the landing page but leave the page without conducting any further activity or purchase. Bounce rate is a very important metrics as it gives the scenario of the visitors’ on-page behavior, and Google Analytics gives a clear picture of the audience behavior.  

4. Google Releases Their Own SEO Guides

Google releases its own SEO guides. These tools depend on the skill level and include a starter guide and developer guide. These guides help the marketers in every aspect of their success with SEO on Google

5. Define The Number of Search Results

Every marketer’s aspiration is to come on Google’s first page. Sometimes the proper information does not land there. Marketers can customize the setting by selecting ‘Settings’ below the right-hand of the search bar on the result page. From there, marketers can adjust the number of results that appear at a time. So, Google drives the majority of traffic to the website regardless of the category of the organization. 

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