Project management is something that holds the base of any successful project. An organized way of handling a project contributes 90% of the success of the projects. Tasks and events with a deadline are the main factors of a project. It’s very important to have a dedicated team that defines project scopes, plan timelines, and deploy with QA tests that ensure good work at the end.

Salesforce project management helps to a greater extent to achieve this.

Currently, there is no project management module on Salesforce cloud platforms. Though the powerful platform abilities can be used for Lists with tasks, subtasks and milestones that includes due dates, statuses, and assignees, tools for managing and tracking tasks, Notifications that keep teams up to date on projects,  convenient views of the project structures, collaboration features, such as feeds, chats and forums, interfaces that are optimized for mobile devices, the ability to report on task statuses, etc.

A lack of specific project entity implies that the platform needs customization to be used for end-to-end project management.

Using  AppExchange for project management :

Some of the salesforce project management plugins available on AppExchange are Taskfeed, TaskRay, and Mission Control. They seamlessly integrate into the platform and use its CRM data.

The customer handling team of any firm has to be very well equipped with all the required functionalities, You either need to customize your Salesforce CRM system or use a plugin offered by Salesforce AppExchange.

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