Nowadays Salesforce is the backbone for every organization. Salesforce has been recognized as the world’s no 1 CRM. Thousands of companies trust Salesforce for their services. A Registered Salesforce Partner can implement the right and personalized Salesforce CRM according to the company’s needs so that the company can enhance its sales and development through the platform. A company needs to identify the right Salesforce Consulting Partner for its growth. It looks like an easy process, but in reality, it is not. An organization needs a technical expert team to implement the whole CRM process to strengthen the organization. A wrong Salesforce implementation can be devastating for the company in long run.

An organization should consider the following factors to choose the right Salesforce Partner.

1. Proper Research

Online research is one of the best ways to research anything. So before choosing the right Salesforce Partner, proper online research should be there. An organization or a small business owner can shortlist the potential Salesforce Partner, then they can visit their website, videos, case studies, testimonials, blogs, and then can book a free consultation call, and then they can select the right Salesforce Partner.


An Organization can use its network to understand the proper requirements and connect with a similar organization for their recommendation. But they have to keep in mind that, every organization has its own policy and requirements, so which went very well with the other company, might not be same for another organization. So the organization needs to consult with the Salesforce Partner regarding their proper requirements during the consultation call. They can also follow the social media pages of Salesforce Partner like LinkedIn, Twitter for a better understanding. 

3.Proper Mode Of Communication

Instead of business proposals on paper, an organization can ask for videos, demos, or live calls for a proper understanding so that they can meet the business expectations. A reputed Salesforce Partner always communicates with the clients, so that they can express their requirements in detail. Cloudvandana has a huge list of satisfied customers for their great communication process.

4.Industry Expert

An Industry expert Salesforce Consulting Partner can help any organization to meet their project requirements, deadlines, reach the target by best implementation processes. An experienced partner will always educate the organization to solve any kind of problem as they build a strong understanding of their needs even before taking the project.

5.Sufficient Team Size

This is very important to understand if the Salesforce Partner has a sufficient team size or not. If they have a sufficient team according to the project requirements, they can deliver the project on time. If the partner has experienced Developers, Admins, Business analysts, and Consultants in their team, they can boost your implementation as wee as other CRM-related problems.

6.Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce certification is another important factor while choosing the right Salesforce Partner. Salesforce conducts a strong certification program that offers credentials for Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, Architecture, and Associates. A partner should have at least Administrators and Developers Certifications. The other certifications depending on the project’s need. A Salesforce Partner should also be updated on the most recent Salesforce release.

7. Review And Ratings

An organization can check the ratings and reviews of the Salesforce partner before selecting the right partner. Ratings can be viewed on Salesforce-owned communities like Trailblazer or AppExchange.

8. Constant Support

Support is another important factor while choosing the right Salesforce Partner. Constant support is essential as Salesforce releases three updates a year, so staying updated is very important. An organization needs to select a partner that can provide support whenever needed.


Salesforce Projects are a bit costly, so instead of searching for an economic Salesforce Implementation, the decision-maker should select the most comprehensive and time-efficient Salesforce Implementation. A reliable way to calculate the total cost of the implementation is the total cost of ownership, which factors in the cost of the product licenses, services,  internal cost, and long-term maintenance cost.

10. Long Term Engagement

After selecting the Right Salesforce Partner, it is better to stick to them, trust them, work together, exchange ideas, and make a long-term engagement.

These upper mentioned points will definitely help to select the Right Salesforce Partner and enhance the business and keep the organization one step ahead of its competitor.

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