Today, Social Media plays a very important role in every aspect. A marketer or an Organization can use social media to generate leads so that they can reach their target audience directly.

There are few reasons to use Social Media platforms 

  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is becoming tougher with every new update. The organization, which ranked previously without any effort, now finds it hard to rank. So they are searching for alternatives that help them succeed.
  • Getting a good rank in launching a new website requires a lot of budget.

Social Media provides a low-cost marketing campaign to a selective audience. Leads on social media help a marketer to find people interested in the company. These leads will help the marketer or the organization to keep in touch with the potential customers. There are few methods through which a marketer can be benefited to get leads from social media.

Lead Generation Tools

Today, the method of attracting leads is not enough to get qualified leads. The advanced technical method, Artificial Intelligence has enhanced the marketing tools which are now helping the organization or the marketer to get a clear concept of the prospect’s journey in every way. These tools identify the potential leads, personalize the content, and even qualify them as customers. Thus lead generation tools not only drive traffic from social media but also move them along with the funnel and convert them into leads and prospects.

Identify The Proper Channel

Many marketers get confused to choose the right platform for their campaign. Many marketers’ conception is to be on all top social media platforms so that the leads can be generated in a larger way. But actually, the scenario is different. A marketer needs to establish a strong concept about the proper social media channel, from which a huge number of the target audience can be found. For example, Facebook has the highest number of users in the world, but that platform might not be best for you depending on the nature of the business. LinkedIn might be the best platform for you as it is a professional network and its content is more relevant for a business crowd. On the other hand, if someone is campaigning for the fashion or beauty industry, Instagram is the most suitable platform as per the nature of the business. These platforms also give a marketer a clear concept about the active hours of the target audience, which brand they follow that is similar to your business, what kind of content they like so that you can create more content related to that topic.

Social Media Advertising Campaign

When it comes to advanced marketing techniques, social media advertisements are the most effective way. Social media ads not only enable the marketer to choose the specific target audience but gives you various options to interact with the leads. 

For example, a marketer can select a specific geographical location or can provide a purchase link of the product through Facebook ads. This is very user-friendly and easy steps and gives the marketer the opportunity to attract international customers. Facebook has also introduced an option to generate leads, called Facebook Lead Ads. These ads provide the prospects’ information to the marketer with minimal effort on the marketer’s side. When a user clicks on that lead ad, an auto-populating form will pop up. So the user does not need to fill the form manually. Recently, LinkedIn has introduced a similar service called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Share Links Of Gated Content

The content which visitors can access only after providing their contact information like email address, phone number, etc,  is called gated content. The ‘Gate’ implies the importance of the content rather than the contents which are free and accessible or without a trade-off. It provides quality leads and it is very effective as it provides the content to those who have a high potential to convert. To generate qualified leads, a marketer can share the content regularly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Brand Awareness Contest

Social Media contests are a great idea to engage a huge audience. A contest enables the chances to interact with the interested audience with your brand. An interesting event or a photo contest or a webinar can attract a large audience and increase the following as well as the brand awareness.

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