The leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution in Salesforce is done using Interaction studio. With the help of Interaction Studio, your brand can be delivered in a relevant and personalized manner to the customers. This tool helps in identifying the exact product the customer is looking for or interested in on your website.

Interaction studio helps to visualize, manage, and also track the customer experience across different channels. Using this platform, companies can deliver maximally relevant, individualized user experiences throughout the customer journey in real-time, during key moments of the customer and prospect interaction, and across channels including web, social, mobile, and more.

How does Interaction Studio Works

Once we are in Interaction studio, a dashboard appears.

Reports- Contains many reports based on the activities and visits

Channels and Campaigns- This is where we see the channels or campaigns like email, website, etc. We can select a specific channel or campaign to view its statistical data of it.

Audiences- Here we see specified audiences and defined segments.

Catalog- Here we can see the catalogs, promotions, and surveys for a specific user.

Machine learning – here, we can create advanced machine learning algorithms to track the customers’ behavior, evaluate which have the highest likelihood of engagement, and eventually make real-time recommendations for a specific channel, with the help of Einstein personalization Recipes and Einstein Personalization Decisions.

Interaction Studio Concepts


Based on criteria, we define a set of accounts or individuals that get updated in real-time; they are called Segments. User Segments are a set of individuals who visit our website. They belong to organizations or companies. Then, they are called Account Segments.


Once the users are identified and segmented into audiences, the next step is to target them with the help of campaigns. In Interaction Studio, campaigns are channel-specific. It identifies the areas or content where personalization is needed.


To create a web personalization campaign, a reusable framework is used called Templates. It defines what a campaign can render and what drive creators can configure.

Einstein Recipes

Once the users are identified and targeted through campaigns, we can improve the customer experience by using the AI features in Einstein Recipes. Einstein Recipes helps to provide recommendations in real-time based on each and every individual who visits the site and also based on their interest and intent.

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