React.js is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces depending upon the UI components. Creating React applications usually require the use of additional libraries for routing. Reactjs was launched in 2013; this JavaScript library has quickly gained popularity. Now it is maintained by Facebook and used by the leading companies like Apple, PayPal, Netflix, and more than thirty-two thousand websites were built using this framework. 

In this article, CloudVandana will describe the five key advantages of Reactjs and the features it can add to the new projects. 

Among the vast lists of benefits, let’s look at the five most essential advantages of Reactjs to the projects. 

1. Enhanced Productivity

As React.js has complex logic and can affect other applications, updates sometimes become a headache. To solve this problem, Facebook has supplemented React with the capability to reuse system components, and it is considered one of the best features. As a result, programmers can start with the finest ingredients and move to wrapper components. This helps to maintain growth and productivity. 

2. Faster Rendering

It is essential to consider the app’s performance if it is a high-load application.  Even the latest platforms can’t ensure the absence of bottlenecks, as DOM is tree-structured, and even small changes can cause an awful impact. The virtual DOM, introduced by Facebook, is one of the essential benefits of using Reactjs. It is the virtual representation of the document object model; as a result, all the changes are applied to the virtual DOM at the beginning, then the minimal scope of necessary DOM operations is calculated. This method guarantees a better user experience and faster rendering. 

3. Stable Coding

React.js only uses downward data flow. By changing an object, developers just modify its state and make changes, and only particular components will be updated after that. This structure of data binding secures code stability and continuous app performance. 

4. Developer Toolset

Working with them in the next project can be interesting if the new technologies can be applied in the development environment. So, a framework or library should develop appropriate tooling for enhanced performance. For example, react developer tools is a browser extension that helps developers to observe reactive component hierarchies, discover child and parent components, etc. 

5. Mobile App Development

Once React.js is learned, developers can apply the codes anywhere. Ractjs follows the same design pattern for both web and mobile application development. Using JavaScript and React, developers can build rich UI for native apps supported by Android and iOS platforms. In addition, React mobile app development can reuse components, real-time reload, modular architecture, and a great ecosystem. 

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