Salesforce is considered the #1 CRM brand across the globe. So the features of this customer relationship management platform stand as some of the best CRM features in the international business marketplace. The platform provides features like extensive Sales, Cloud, and Marketing systems. It also competes with Analytics and Marketing services.

In this blog, CloudVandana, the reputed Salesforce partner, will describe the key features and benefits of Salesforce for organizations.

After a successful implementation, organizations can expect a 25% increase in revenue, and the customers can see an average 25% increase in return on investment. This customer management platform helps companies to increase their customer satisfaction and productivity. 

Let’s look at the features and benefits in detail.

1. Lead Management

Lead management is one of the essential Salesforce features that provide access to the up-to-date activity of contacts with best practices and uses the sales path to comprehend associated documents. Salesforce works as a quick and efficient lead converter, informing users about the original lead source and generating revenues. 

A CRM tool automatically scores the leads and assigns the lead to the right executive to keep track of the emails properly. So organizations can be in the loop, increasing revenue. 

2. Contact And Account Management

The platform ensures efficient and easy contact management by providing access to customer data and a history of customer interaction. This feature provides access to an extensive view of insight and strategies for better customer engagement. So organizations can apply customers’ social data to gain a better understanding of specific customer behavior. The cloud-based contact management functionalities allow for coordination within the company. Companies can share insights, campaigns, or important documents to create a workspace for content awareness. 

3. Opportunity Management

It is one of the essential Salesforce features. It provides a clear view of the client’s behavior-timeline to the organization and illustrates the various stages of a specific deal to decide the next step of the customer journey. There are multiple options for templates for a trouble-free emailing system for clients. 

4. Reports And Dashboards

Salesforce keeps accurate sales forecast reports that organizations can customize. Users can simply drag the fields, groupings, filters, and charts to view them. Optimize the charts in the report and track the team performance on the same screen. The platform provides a customer analytics tool that allows access from anywhere and getting to know the statistics. 

5. Salesforce Mobile

This feature helps to organize the tasks through a single, unified application. With a single app, users can monitor meetings and activities and get account updates from anywhere. Team members can join calls with a tap and take important notes from the meetings. They can enable the CRM data and refresh it whenever required, even offline.  This helps to enhance the communication process among the teammates and manage chats. 

6. Sales Forecasting

Users can view the whole pipeline and the company and take action if necessary. Users can get quick updates and then easily apply the judgment to the forecast at the rep, period, and summary levels. Users can have details of any previous modifications of the team. It can track the top performers. Salesforce helps with forecasting for the complex sales department and help with forecasting for the sales team. 

7. Workflow And Approvals

Users can create automatic email alerts within a certain size for deals, auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through the various states, and more. 

Users can create workflows that guide sales representatives through qualifying conversations and smartly suggest getting the next steps on a deal, and automate various manual tasks. 

8. Files Sync

Users can cooperate as a team of files from anywhere or on any device across the organization or with customers externally. Users can get a notification when uploading a new version. Users can drag and drop various files to Salesforce for easy uploads. 

9. Data Management

Data management is one of the important Salesforce features. Data cleaning can automatically update and enrich the account, contact, and lead data that continues to drive the most vital sales and marketing activities inside Salesforce. 

10. Customer Support

The customer support portal provides customers with a reliable way to get answers to queries, and post-service issues, place orders, view order history, and access other data. Call center features enable the customer support professionals to reach all customer support data, including personal data, case history, and related customer activity. 

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