Keep data and your users safe with the top-notch security features of the Salesforce security model. Learn about its features so you can keep your information secure. 

The Salesforce security model provides organizations with the latest features and technology for keeping data and users secure. Discover how this model protects data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, keeps your customers’ information safe, and more.

Encryption of Data at Rest and in Transit

Salesforce uses the latest encryption algorithms to secure data at rest and in transit. This ensures that your customer’s sensitive information remains safe and is only accessible to those with the proper permissions. Furthermore, Salesforce has mechanisms for automatically encrypting data so that malicious actors cannot access it. All of these security measures make Salesforce one of the most trusted cloud-based platforms for protecting your customers’ data.

Authentication and Access Control Features

The Salesforce security model includes various authentication and access control capabilities to ensure that only authorized users can access your data. For example, Salesforce allows you to assign user-level permissions for things like sharing records and setting access restrictions for certain fields. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Additionally, Salesforce offers multimodal authentication, which utilizes two or more authentication methods for added security.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With MFA enabled on Salesforce, you can choose from various authentication methods. It includes a single sign-on with a trusted identity provider like Microsoft or Google, SMS or voice codes sent to your mobile phone or email address for verification, security questions, or biometric authentication like facial recognition. MFA helps protect user accounts and keep malicious actors from your system by requiring additional steps when accessing the data.

Identity Platform for Single Sign-on (SSO)

This #1 CRM provides a unified and secure SSO solution that integrates with any identity provider such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. This gives users an easier and faster experience when authenticating their accounts in the system. The single sign-on platform also uses modern security protocols like OAuth 2.0, which further increases data security and trustworthiness for customers.

Advanced Threat Detection Features

The platform also offers Threat Protection features to detect and monitor for malicious or unusual activities in your accounts. It monitors user logins and access to sensitive data, detects anomalies like brute force attacks and suspicious patterns of activity, and sends email alerts so you can take action and protect your organization’s data. In addition, The platform has introduced machine learning capabilities that can scan billions of events per day to identify suspicious activities with greater accuracy.

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