Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Every development project follows a definite step-by-step plan to move from one stage to another and release high-quality software. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the key stages of the software development process. Every software development project follows a step-by-step plan to move from one stage to another to release high-quality software. Before discussing the details of the development process, let’s discuss the various models of software development. 

Software Development Process

Software development is producing high-quality, low-cost software in the shortest possible production time. The process defines the various essential stages to bring a project from conception to deployment and later maintenance. A renowned software development company like CloudVandana can help customers they can meet and exceeds their expectations and requirements. 

Software Development Models

Based on functionality, software development models can be segmented into various categories.

Agile Model, Waterfall Model, V Model, Spiral model, Incremental model, etc. 

Key Stages Of The Software Development Process

The Software development process can be segmented into seven key stages. Let’s discuss this in detail-

1. Idea Gathering And Planning

This stage contains all project management elements. This generally contains capacity planning, cost estimation, resource allocation, project scheduling, and provisioning. During this stage, the development team gathers input and ideas from stakeholders involved in the project, sales, internal and external experts, customers, and developers. The development team also defines the resources needed to complete the project requirements and then calculates the associated cost. 

2. Analysis Stage

This stage includes all the specific details required for establishing a new system and determining the first ideas for prototypes. In most cases, developers can create a software requirement specification. This practice will prevent them from overdrawing funding or resources. 

3. Design Phase

Product design assists in specifying the required hardware to run the product. It also helps mark out the product architecture and outlines the software modules required to be developed. The user interface and user experience are designed in this stage. 

4.  Development Stage

In this stage, developers write code and create the application based on the pre-design document and outline the specifications. Along with coding, the developers can execute unit or module testing. This helps developers to identify the potential issues at the earliest in the development stage. 

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5. Testing Stage

After implementation and development, the next stage is testing. The development teams are always in the process of releasing various software applications to meet the goals. This process is also essential for testing the product against every available parameter. This stage shows the potential bugs in the software, and developers eliminate them if found. 

6. Implementation

After testing, the software becomes ready from the design and development perspective. The efforts of developers will combine different modules into the primary source code to avoid further defects. The information system will now be integrated into its environment and finally established. After this stage, the software is ready for market and will be provided to the end-users. 

7. Maintenance 

At this stage, developers ensure the maintenance of the software and overcome any issues reported by the end users. 

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