Ready to take your productivity in Salesforce to the next level? Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in Lightning Experience with this comprehensive guide. Keyboard shortcuts are always handy while working on a desktop. Salesforce gives you the ability to make the best use of keyboard shortcuts. It will maximize your efficiency and speed while working in the Lightning Experience. You can search for, edit, save, and close a record—all without touching a mouse. 

Keyboard Shortcuts in Lightning Experience

Salesforce also got keyboard shortcuts to help you go to the publisher and post to a feed. So start planning what you want to do with all the time you’re going to save! By default, keyboard shortcuts work in all Lightning apps. 

To view the available keyboard shortcuts, press:

  • Windows: Ctrl+/
  • macOS: Cmd+/

Shortcuts that I use frequently:

For Global Search: /

Edit a record: e

Save a record: Ctrl + s

Points to Consider :

  • You can’t customize keyboard shortcuts in the Lightning Experience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts aren’t case-sensitive. For example, Shift+B is the same as Shift+b. If Ctrl, Alt, or Shift is part of the shortcut, the sequence of the keys doesn’t matter. For example, Ctrl+Alt+A is the same as Alt+Ctrl+A.
  • For shortcuts that specify “then,” release the first key, or key combo, before typing the next key. The comma isn’t part of the shortcut.

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