Recently, Salesforce, the global giant CRM brand, has introduced Salesforce Genie, a data lake and streaming software to help clients bring together customer data in real time. Salesforce Genie is a hyper-scale real-time data platform that enhances the whole Customer 360 platform.

In this blog, CloudVandana will give an overview of this new launch. 

Organizations already using various Salesforce products, mainly the Industry cloud clients, would gain the most from this platform. Sometimes, pre-built data models might be critical for users to accelerate implementation, but now users can use a configuration-based approach to unify data from multiple data sources-both Salesforce-based and external. 

While Genie might promise a seamless approach to integrating and accessing data for companies already using Salesforce, it might be less useful for those with customer data in all sorts of business applications. 

Salesforce president and Chief Product Officer described genie as  “The most significant change to the Salesforce platform in the company’s history”. According to Salesforce, Genie is a hyper-scale real-time data platform that powers the whole Salesforce 360 platform. 

Previously, the Salesforce platform focused on Marketing Cloud, which has changed with this announcement. This newly launched software delivers a CDP that underpins the whole Salesforce estate of applications like Sales, Service, Commerce, and industry clouds. It can provide highly personalized experiences for organizations in real time. The available editions are Mulesoft Genie, Tableau Genie, and Slack Genie. 

Genie is bringing magic to combine data sources from various applications. 

Salesforce Genie

Genie runs on Hyperforce, Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure. Hyperforce is a mature solution that provides data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls to increase customer trust. 

Hyperforce can be integrated with Einstein AI to provide insight into the data updated in real time. It helps marketing teams by helping them to adjust campaigns faster than ever and react at an individual level to different interactions. The integration with Flow automation services enables organizations to automatically trigger workflows based on events and data changes, ensuring timely communication with customers through their preferred channel. 

Salesforce has also ensured that Genie is not stand-alone. It is connected with partners to assist enterprises in bringing magic to their clients. 

In addition, Salesforce announced a real-time data-sharing partnership with Snowflake. The partnership delivers organizational bidirectional data access between data stored within Snowflake and that stored within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The new platform brings Einstein AI as a service. Marketing Cloud customers will be benefited from integrations to advertising platforms like Amazon Ads, Meta, and Google with new privacy-safe integrations for advertising activation and aggregated insights. The Genie collection will expand in the coming months in the AppExchange. 

With this announcement, Salesforce has once more brought what were once disparate systems closer together. This can seamlessly upgrade customers to the new platform with numerous benefits. 

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