LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking sites. In the present time, it is tough to find people who are not aware of LinkedIn. The morphing journey of LinkedIn from a small professional networking site to a world-famous networking site was not too long. With all these millions of professionals in one platform, there is a floodgate to leads for B2B marketers.

B2B marketers can accidentally catch a few falling leads, but to get a constant source of leads, markers need to set a proper LinkedIn marketing strategy. In this article, CloudVandana is giving 5 helpful tips that will help marketers in B2B marketing.

1. Proper Company Page for Lead Generation

In order to get leads from LinkedIn, marketers need to work hard for them. The suggested way is to turn the company page into a lead generation page. A lead generation page means that the company page should act as a pipeline for LinkedIn leads to visit the actual company website. The header image is the first thing that attracts the prospects and created interest. So an attractive and informative header should be there on the company’s LinkedIn page.

2. Showcase Page Creation

Companies can promote their brands with the help of LinkedIn created showcase page. Showcase pages are the perfect way to segment the inbound LinkedIn traffic. If companies can create a business unit that is directly connected to a specific target audience, then they can create a showcase page. Showcase pages are mainly customized for B2B marketing to generate better leads and enhance businesses. These pages are custom-made to maintain a long-term relationship with customers. A showcase page targets a specific customer segment and provides relevant information to them. 

3. Advanced Search

Advanced search option helps the marketers to gain leads. This option helps the marketers to identify the exact group of people that the marketers or the companies are targeting. This option can be found from the LinkedIn header menu, then the search people icon, and then the advanced option. 

4. Save Searches

After the highly specific and targeted search results are shown, marketers might want to save the results. Save searches helps the marketers to stay active in the prospecting. It helps the marketers to get a steady sales pipeline. ‘Save search’ option can be found from the ‘advanced search option. 

5. Publish Content

LinkedIn has an active content publishing platform, that helps the B2B marketers in various ways. Quality content can help in building inbound marketing strategies that will draw interested prospects to the products and offerings. There are two ways to do this publication effectively, by publishing both as an individual and as a company.

These are the main LinkedIn strategies that offer a lot of opportunities and are the ideal resource for B2B marketing.

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