Tired of spending hours managing archived activities? This guide will teach you how to do it in record time, so you can focus on more important tasks. It’s easier now to find, view, and edit the activities that Salesforce has archived. Your sales reps or agents have a complete view of all their activities. Activities, including archived activities, are visible in the activity timeline and the Activity History-related list. Reps can open and edit any activity, including archived activities. Previously, they could only view archived activities, not interact with them.

Salesforce archives these activities:

  • Events that ended more than 365 days ago
  • Closed tasks due more than 365 days ago
  • Closed tasks created more than 365 days ago (if they have no due date)

Salesforce doesn’t delete archived activities, but you can manually delete them.

Archived activities aren’t included in reports!

You can view the history of your work with customers, including archived activities (1), from several places.

Clicking View All (2) in the Activity History related list opens the Activity History tab.

In the Activity History tab, reps can sort entries. They can click the subject (1) to open and edit activities or use the row-level dropdown (2) to edit or delete activities.

Clicking View All in the activity timeline opens the All Activity History list.

The All Activity History list is ideal for printing. Up to 2,000 records appear, including archived records.

Note: This view doesn’t include activities from Einstein Activity Capture. This view shows the standard fields only. Custom fields, such as formula fields, aren’t shown.

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