Manual testing is testing software where tests are performed manually by a QA analyst. It’s used to discover bugs in software under development. The software testers perform the test cases and generate test reports without the help of automation software. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss the difference between manual testing vs. automation testing in this blog. 

Testers write code or test scripts to automate test execution in automated testing. Testers use various automation tools to develop the test scripts. The focus is to complete the test execution within the allotted time. 

Automated testing entirely relies on the pre-scripted test that automatically compares actual results with the expected results. Automated testing allows the user to execute repetitive tasks and regression tests without any cooperation from the manual tester. Automation requires manual effort to create preliminary testing scripts through all the automated processes. 

Automated testing depends on the pre-scripted test that automatically compares actual results with the expected results. It helps testers determine if the application is performing as per the expectation. 

Difference Between Manual Testing And Automation Testing

1. This Testing is done manually by a QA analyst, whereas Automation Testing uses a script, code, and automation tools by a tester. 

2. This testing process is not accurate as the possibilities of human error might be there. But on the other hand, the automation process is much more reliable than the script-based. 

3. It is time-consuming, whereas Automation Testing is high-speed. 

4. This testing is possible without programming knowledge, but Automation Testing is not possible without programming knowledge. 

5. This type of testing allows random Testing, but Automation Testing does not involve random Testing. 

Manual Testing Pros And Cons

Pros Of Manual Testing

1. Human judgment and intuition always benefit the manual testing element.

2. It is less expensive than automated testing as organizations do not need to spend a lot on various automation tools. 

3. Fast and accurate visual feedback can be processed. 

Cons Of Manual Testing

1. It is not much reliable solution as a human conducts it. So there are chances of mistakes. 

2. Recording can not be done in this form of testing.

3. Certain tasks might require only automated tools to perform. So those tasks become complex and time-consuming with this testing. 

Automated Testing Pros And Cons

Pros Of Automated Testing

1. Automated testing helps to find more bugs than a human tester.

2. The process is fast and efficient as automation tools conduct it. 

3. It can quickly increase productivity by providing fast and accurate testing results. 

Cons Of Automated Testing

1. The cost of testing tools is expensive, increasing the cost of the testing project.

2. Debugging the test script is another major issue in automated testing.  

3. Automation testing tool is not yet foolproof. The limitations reduce the scope of automation. 

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