SEO or search engine optimization is a constant process of improving the website traffic from search engines and securing a position in search engine result pages. SEO focuses more on unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic or paid campaigns. SEO can be segmented into two categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the effectiveness of off-page SEO to promote a brand or organization. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a great practice to drive massive organic traffic to a website. Previously well-written content was the only way to draw huge traffic to a webpage and increase visibility. That’s why the idea of content marketing got introduced and became a powerful digital marketing tool for marketers. 

SEO is communication between digital marketers and search engines. SEO creates a bridge of connection between humans and robots. SEO marks the pages and contents with friendliness, authenticity, transparency, optimization, crawlability, optimization, variation, etc., to deliver the best results. Search engines like Google consider many elements while ranking a website. 

Off-page SEO is a practice of doing the needful things outside of a website to secure a higher position. Link building, content marketing, multi-channel publishing strategies, and influencer outreach are best practices. In simple words, SEO helps search engines to understand a website’s content, products, or services and increase its visibility to extended viewers. Although there are many factors to increase the visibility, as we mentioned above, even a strong backlink from an authentic site can increase the visibility and rank. 

Though off-page SEO is not just linking a site to another site, the best practice is to connect a website with a relevant and high-ranking webpage to get the “link juice” using those backlinks. 

If off-page SEO strategies are correctly followed, the process can increase ranking, more visitors, more social media mentions, more visibility, and even more, conversion rate. 

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are dependent on each other. If on-page optimization is not correctly done, the base of search engine optimization will be fragile. Similarly, a responsive website with proper web pages without any followers, likes, shares, mentions or links do not make any sense to the business. So both the strategies should be adopted efficiently. The on-page optimization result is active, but the results of off-page optimization are passive as it starts to deliver results after working long with uniqueness. 

Let’s have a look at some of the off-page strategies-

1. Brand Building

Brand building depends on various factors, such as good content, quality backlinks, authentic testimonials, social media mentions, etc. In addition, marketers should be engaged with social media audiences for better communication and a better understanding of their requirements. These will help create the brand presence and boost the authority and trust among the visitors or followers. 

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to draw visitors to a website. Marketers can create content for social media, website blog pages, YouTube to share thoughts or illustrate any offering. Marketers can create a multi-channel publishing strategy to circulate the content among viewers in different media. For example, Staff Augmentation is one of the services of CloudVandana. The blog on Staff augmentation got published on the website. Similarly, the content got published in a different layout on Slideshare so that different audiences can get to know about this service of CloudVandana. 

3. Link-Building

Link building increases the web presence of a website and builds a strong relationship with the linked websites. High-quality backlinks help in increasing the rank position and enhance visibility. Another helpful link strategy is broken-link building. Broken links can be found through analytics and webmaster support. A better link option can be provided, or a request can be sent to another website to replace an old and outdated competitor’s link with your link. This will also help in boosting the customer experience. 

4. Newsletters

A newsletter is a great way to reach the audience cost-effectively. The newsletter should be short and informative. An infographic can be added to the newsletter to make it more attractive and engaging. But marketers should not circulate the newsletter too often as it might annoy the subscribers. 

5. Social Networking

Social media plays a vital role in off-page SEO strategy. Social networks help to increase audience engagement and brand visibility. 

These were some of the off-page SEO strategies. Digital marketers can adopt numerous off-page approaches to get the desired results. 

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