An offshore development company provides software development services but is located in another country. Both freelancers and software development companies can assist organizations to develop software projects, but it is essential for organizations to choose the right and secure solution. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the key reasons to select offshore development companies over freelancers. 

Offshore Development Company Vs. Freelancers


Hiring freelancers means hiring a single person for software development, so whenever the project requires more resources to deploy it faster, the organization needs to conduct a hiring drive over and over. This process leads to unnecessary delays. In addition, if the organization requires to solve any challenges post-launch, then they need to look for developers once again. Organizations need to deal with so many contracts for various freelancers, so that also becomes a challenge for organizations. 

Making a single contract with an offshore development company like CloudVandana can provide a huge talent pool to the organization as per the requirement of the projects. Organizations can scale the number of developers depending upon the project needs. 


A freelancer’s commitment to any project is till the successful launch. So if any challenges come after the deployment or the client needs any up-gradation of the project, the freelancer might not be available to fulfill the needs. So organizations need to find out another developer. So the whole process becomes time-consuming. 

Hiring experienced developers from a reputed offshore development firm provides various advantages including post-launch maintenance and support for a specific period. 


Freelancers are skilled but usually, they hold the expertise in a specific domain. Besides, they can’t guide the organization with the right technology that is needed for the project. So, there might be some errors before selecting the right solution for the project. 

On the other hand, a development company can provide a team of developers who have expertise in various domains of technology. They can guide the development process by selecting the best method. So projects can be completed in less time with the proper expertise. 

Data Security And Protection

Hiring freelancers can lead to low security and data privacy issues due to small-scale operations. As a result, they cannot provide enterprise-level security. 

Offshore development companies always keep the data confidential as they sign the NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the organization. They always provide enterprise-grade security. 

Long-Term Relationship

Freelancers mostly prefer working on a project basis with the clients to earn more profits but development companies prefer building long-term relationships and executing projects for them over the long term. Building trust and relationships are more important for the development companies than the number of projects. 

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