Net Zero Cloud is the latest invention of Salesforce. It is a solution that tracks greenhouse gas emissions data throughout the organization’s business activities. As a result, users can gain accurate, critical insights about the carbon footprint. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud helps businesses to collect, categorize, and analyze energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions data throughout the organization’s business activities. This innovative solution tracks greenhouse gas emissions and is available globally. 

Sustainability Integration

Given sustainability as the core value, Salesforce helps organizations to drive climate action and further operationalize sustainability. So, every internal organization can align this Salesforce process to drive better success. 

Salesforce is continuously increasing the scope of its climate action to engage policymakers, peers, partners, suppliers, and customers to accelerate towards the collective net-zero goal. 

Mandatory Climate Reporting

Regulatory changes will soon require organizations to report on ESG matters. So many countries are disclosing climate-related financial risks and opportunities. 

Net Zero Cloud

In this new phase of climate accountability, organizations’ carbon data is treated as financial data. Organizations need to know the reduction process in a meaningful way. 

Net Zero Cloud 2.0 has been completely rebuilt to offer trusted reporting, deeper insights, and supplier management. With the help of this cloud, organizations can leverage sustainability insights with powerful Tableau CRM dashboards. 

Let’s have a look at the actions taken by this Cloud-

1. Organizations can find the best way with Net Zero to visualize progress and alignment to the climate action commitments. 

2. This Cloud tracks scope 3 emissions across the entire value chain and helps suppliers to reduce emissions. 

3. Organizations can track the complex waste management data and treatment methods in a single place. 

Net Zero Implementation By Customers And Partners

Various companies are using this platform to reach their climate goals. Let’s have a look at the various functionalities of Cloud Zero Implementation.

1. Reduce Emission

This platform collects scope three emissions. It incorporates sustainability strategies while accounting for the company’s carbon footprint. 

2. Weekly Tackle Carbon Accounting Audit

Customer tracking and reduction of emissions are the goals of the sustainability Cloud. It provides a picture of the company’s environmental footprint, as well as investor-grade data for customizable ESG reporting. This data is required for third-party audits, financial filings, business reputation, and trust. 

3. Embedded Goals

Embedded goals incorporate data-driven insights into every aspect of the business process. It can demonstrate to consumers, workers, and investors an environment-friendly sustainable method. With cutting-edge analytics, users can keep track of carbon emissions and energy use.

Benefits Of Net Cloud 2.0

The invention of Net Cloud is to produce 100 percent renewable energy to equal all of the power the company consumes across the world. Salesforce is committed to increasing the worldwide transition to clean and renewable electricity sources. Organizations should consider decreasing their carbon footprint while simultaneously increasing the carbon removal from the environment. Salesforce is also working to scale technology-based carbon removal procedures as quickly as possible. 

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